[act-ma] May 19th: 1pm Rally at the (Pilgrim) Reactor, Plymouth / 6:30pm "Learning from Fukushima: Evacuation Stories from a Fukushima Refugee" , Kingston

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Wed May 15 22:01:02 PDT 2013

  at the (Pilgrim) Reactor with Cape Downwinders

Sunday, May 19
Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station,
600 Rocky Hill Road,
Plymouth, MA

Concerned citizens from New England will gather at State Road and Edison 
Access Road in Plymouth to call for the closing of the Pilgrim Nuclear 
Power Station. Speakers include Senator Dan Wolf, poet Marge Piercy and 
former Fukushima area resident Chikako Nishiyama. Music will be provided 
by Tom Neilson, bard insurgent.

Scheduled between Mother?s Day and Memorial Day, the rally will be an 
opportunity for all mothers to take a stand to protect their children, 
families, and community and to remember the tragedy of Fukushima and 
honor those in Japan and around the world who continue to suffer the 
consequences of a nuclear catastrophe. We have a responsibility to 
future generations to act responsibly today.

  * Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station has the same GE Mark l Boiling Water
    Reactor design as at Fukushima, which the Nuclear Regulatory
    Commission had determined to have a 90% chance of containment
    failure in a severe accident. The catastrophe happened as predicted.

  * At an NRC open house in Plymouth on April 2, 2013, NRC Project
    Engineer Tom Setzer confirmed that an accident like Fukushima could
    happen in Plymouth.

  * Pilgrim was relicensed last May over the objections of Governor
    Patrick, Attorney General Coakley, Congressman Keating, Congressman
    Markey, State Senator Murray, State Senator Wolf, and State
    Representative Peake.

For directions and updates, visit: http://capedownwinders.org

  Learning from Fukushima: Evacuation Stories from a Fukushima Refugee

Listen to a first hand account of the disaster from a Fukushima native.
Sunday May 19 at 6:30pm,
First Parish Unitarian Church,
222 Main Street, Kingston, MA

*Chikako Nishiyama*, from the village of Kawauchi in Fukushima 
Prefecture, Japan, is making a trip to New England to offer her 
eye-witness report on the Fukushima nuclear disaster. She has first-hand 
accounts of her own travail as well as that of others from her village. 
Kawauchi is about 15 miles southwest of the stricken Fukushima nuclear 
reactors. The 2,300 people who lived there were evacuated. A year later 
they were told it was safe to return, but most still stayed away, 
fearing radioactive contamination. Now two years later, there are still 
many who have not returned.

Ms. Nishiyama has been an outspoken and very courageous critic of 
TEPCO's and the Japanese
government's whole handling of this disaster. Her son, a firefighter in 
his early twenties, was
assigned to go back to the village before the evacuation order was 
lifted. He is still stationed there
today, and Chikako is very concerned for his health. She is currently 
working to find locales in the
western part of Japan where those who want to relocate can start new 
lives in a more sustainable and
healthy environment.

Translating Chikako’s story will be *Chiho Kaneko*. Born in Japan’s 
Iwate Prefecture (about 150 miles north of the Fukushima Dai-ichi 
reactors) and graduating from Hokkaido University with a degree in 
agronomy, Chiho moved to the U.S. in 1993 and became an 
interpreter/translator, visual artist, musician, and columnist for a 
Japanese daily newspaper. Her most recent trip to Japan was last
fall, her fourth visit since the March 11, 2011 nuclear meltdowns.

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