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This issue of Occupy Boston Updates has three and only three very important

1. Occupy Boston’s General Assembly is now meeting monthly. The next
meeting is June 4. Check the website & calendar for more info.


2. There will be a major demonstration against agribusiness Big &
Bad---MONSANTO! on 5/25/13 2pm, City Hall Plaza, details below.

3. The Occupy International Gathering will take place in Kalamazoo MI,
8/21-25/13, details below below.




May 25, 2013

2:00 PM

Gov’t Center T Stop/City Hall Plaza


#MarchAgainstMonsanto #MAMBoston #fairseeds

Mission Statement, Boston:

Current worldwide event list:

Website: march-against-monsanto.com



* We gather outside the Gov't Center T Stop/City Hall Plaza.

* Then, we process across the street from the State House through Boston
Common and come out on the Newbury Street/Ritz Carlton entrance to the

* We will have a brass band a la NOLA accompanying us as we are doing a
'funeral' for REAL FOOD.

* At the end-point location, speakers will engage in conversation in
small-group gatherings (no podium or amp) with whomever is interested in
the topic: the science behind GMOs, gardening, policy, etc.

* There will be a community theater interactive performance

* We end gathered as a community


* Join us for a t-shirt/poster/banner session (Sun 5/19 or Wed 5/22, see
post below)

* Print the flyer and post 5-10 in your neighborhood (see post below and
write where you post)

* Print literature to share on the day of the march: Info flyer (two-sided)
in Dropbox folder, for example (see

* Bring an instrument to join the band (no amp)


What are GMOs? The DNA of Genetically Modified Organisms is mixed with that
of other plants, animals, bacteria or viruses. These combinations do not
occur in nature or through traditional crossbreeding.

Companies that make GM (genetically modified) FOODS claim they achieve,
among other things, longer-lasting products or crops resistant to pests.
However, GMOs are linked to CANCER and other ILLNESSES.

What is MONSANTO? The largest manufacturer of GM seeds, this US-based
corporation receives government subsidies and does not test its products
long-term. It makes insecticides DDT and Agent Orange and herbicide
Roundup, all highly toxic to humans, animals and the environment

* Fresh corn and papaya are likely GMO, and as much as 80 PERCENT of
conventional processed foods (foods packaged in boxes, cans or bags – the
longer the ingredient list, the more processed) contain GMOs.

* Over 60 countries ban, limit or label GMOs due to safety, economic and
ecological concerns, but not the US.

* Policies and business models PRESSURE farmers to use patented GMO seeds
that invade native crops and destroy their livelihoods.



Stay informed – Seek, question, and share information

• Research GMOs! Visit sites like the Non-GMO Project (nongmoproject.org).

• Watch documentaries and host screenings! Genetic Roulette by Jeffrey M.
Smith; King Corn, by Aaron Wolf; Food, Inc. by Robert Kenner; and The World
According to Monsanto by Marie-Monique Robin – all on YouTube as of April

Unite with Your Community & Use Your Money Wisely

• Organic (and local) food is best to ensure it is non-GMO. Avoid processed
foods. Seenongmoshoppingguide.com.

• Join a community garden or start one at home with non-GMO seeds. Also
join a CSA! Visit localharvest.org.

• Shop your local markets and encourage them to carry healthy, local foods

Influence Laws

• Demand GMO labeling and banning! wheredoivotema.com. MA legislature:

• Let your elected leaders know how you stand on GMOs. Visit
marighttoknow.com. Contact your senators and representatives at the White
House by calling (202) 456-1414.




OCCUPY (Inter)National Gathering 2013

Attendance encouraged by all Occupiers and interested parties. Occupy
Kalamazoo will be hosting the second round of Occupy National conferences,
August 21-25, 2013, following the wildly successful National Gathering that
took place in Philadelphia, PA, July 2012.

We, the National Gathering Working Group 2013 (NGWG2013), propose a
 National Gathering of the Occupy Movement, and peoples’ movements
 worldwide, in Kalamazoo Michigan, to collectively assemble and embrace our
different ideologies and perspectives; to find our common visions; to share
our strategies and actions; and to leave this gathering with  steps we can
all take in both agreement and diversity; for ourselves,  our communities,
our nations, and for all of us all over the world.

We further propose that our convergence begin on Aug. 21 and continue for
five days of Community and Movement building exercises including speakers,
teach-ins, and

free-flowing open discussion at a location to be determined by the  Occupy
Kalamazoo General Assembly.  We believe it’s time the people of  the world
spoke to each other about how to make a better world. We ask you to
converge with us, to bring your ideas, your struggles, and your  voice and
come to Kalamazoo!

Occupy National Gathering working group (NGWG2013) is a coalition of Occupy
movements from cities around the world, uniting in solidarity with Occupy
Wall Street and the Occupy peoples' movements worldwide


Kalamazoo Michigan, (the 6th meanest city to the homeless, and home of the
Kalamazoo river which had "The Largest Inland oil spill, in U.S. history).
We are going to be offering multiple housing and recreational spaces.


The focus of the Occupy National Gathering will be leadership building and
people powered training, education, and actions. To empower people with
trainings to take back to their community and spread positive and effective
change in their communities.

Aug 21st: Renew your community.

Aug 22nd: Making and Supporting Free, Unfettered Media

Aug 23rd: Fixing Fossil Fuels and Creating an Environmentally Sustainable

Aug 24th: Economic and Trade Justice, Equal Access and Ending Corporate
“Personhood”,   Asserting the People’s Sovereignty.

Aug 25th:  Ending War and Our Police State, Building Peace and Cooperation.

Each day will also have a global component and conversation based on the
needs and issues of the global community, roughly parallelling, but by no
means restricted to, the daily themes.  The Global work, like NatGat12
itself, is a work in progress and will be developed by participating
groups.  Please join our global partner, Via22, for monthly mumble meetings
22nd of each month on the tomalplaza server, Via22 room, and further info
on facebook and the Via22 website and Hub on InterOccupy. [links]

 Tour of the Kalamazoo river

Home of the Enbridge Oil spill in 2010 "The Largest inland oil spill in
U.S. History"

A global conversation

A multi-month building action which many countries may participate in,
including a massive digital conference taking place August 22nd-24th.

Occupy Summer Tour

The Occupy Summer of Change tour will begin June 8th (in solidarity with
UTW’s GLobal “UnFuck the World”  Concerts happening in LA, Brisbane, London
and others..As you folks know I am working with National gathering 2013
here in Kalamazoo.

Caravan this year is something we are hoping to LARGELY build on, and
somewhat re-organize.  This year we hope to make a unique summer
 experience, where people can join a traveling carnival of Change. This
traveling change would be Highlighted by Strike Debt Concerts, Local
community empowerment with media and training, holding teach-ins, art and
education, potential direct actions, and also donation and fundraising for
the Occupy Sandy relief effort.  These events would  planned in advance
with local participation to provide support and  necessity along the way
with the point of empowering their own local  groups being highlighted.
 Using Civi CRM we would contact and organize  with local occupies and
groups along the way.

Occupy National Gathering working group is a coalition of Occupy movements
from cities around the world, uniting in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street
and the Occupy peoples' movements worldwide


We are donating time on Co-op farms,and outreaching with local business and
farmers gathering natural and healthy food to provide during the event.


There will be nightly entertainment, including featured artists, poets,
musicians, and djs, as well as a campfire and drum circles. Also planning a
benifit concert, and encourage artists of all mediums to inquire for space
for expression

Watch the conference on Livestream: OccupyDetroitOfficialChannel,
Occupykalamazoo at Ustream [links]

Conference Call

Every Wednesday at 8pm EDT until the Occupy (Inter)Nat Gat

Register here:


"Our goal is a society that prioritizes the needs of all before the profits
of the few." passed by Occupy Boston General Assembly 11/29/11
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