[act-ma] Court support for Cam D'Ambrosio, Mon June 3rd

Evan Greer evangreer at gmail.com
Thu May 30 07:48:49 PDT 2013

Hey everyone,

I hope some of you can join me and others to do court support for Cameron
D'Ambrosio in Lawrence, MA on Monday. He is a teenager who has been charged
with "terrorism" for posting "threatening" rap lyrics on Facebook.

Please let me know if you plan to come.


-Evan Greer

Defend Free Speech!

Free Cameron D’Ambrosio, teenage rapper locked up for lyrics

Learn more: http://FreeCameron.org <http://freecameron.org>

Call for supporters in the Courtroom
Monday, June 3rd, 2013

8:45am in Lawrence District Court

2 Appleton St, Lawrence, MA

We will gather at 8:45am outside the court at the corner of Appleton St.
and Methuen St.
Members of the ACLU and other civil liberties groups will be present as

A checklist if you want to come support in court:

-Do not bring a cell phone or you will not be allowed in.

-Please dress appropriately for court. The way we present ourselves
reflects on Cam.

-We’re there to support Cam and his family. There is a time for protest,
but not at this, k?

-Bring as few belongings as possible, you will go through a metal detector.

-You may need to present ID.

Cameron D’Ambrosio is a teenager from Methuen, MA who has been held without
bail for a month and charged with “terrorism” for posting rap lyrics on
Facebook. As absurd as it sounds, it gets worse. Cam has been demonized in
the local media, who were fed misinformation about the case by the Methuen
Chief of Police. The prosecution has been grasping at straws, pulling up
incidents like a fight from when Cam was 12 years old to justify holding a
teenager that they have no evidence has committed any crime other than
wanting to become the next Eminem.

No one should be in prison for something they say on the internet. This is
an incredibly slippery slope if we allow the government to start deciding
what types of speech are “too extreme” to be allowed. A young kid has been
taken away from his family and two judges have ignored the massive public
outcry (over 90,000 signatures collected) and decided to deny him bail.

Cam hasn’t been given a fair trial so far. We need to make sure that the
judge and prosecution in this case know that the world is watching, and we
will not allow them to trample free speech and ruin a young man’s life in
the process.

Join us in Court on Monday, June 3rd to support Cam’s family and defend
freedom of speech.

Learn more about Cam’s case and sign and share the petition at
http://FreeCameron.org <http://freecameron.org>

If you’re planning to come to court support, please RSVP to
evangreer at gmail.com
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