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Greetings! Three Items!

1. Occupy Boston General Assembly meets tonight!

6:00 pm potluck, 7:00 pm meeting

565 Boylston St., Boston MA


2. InterOccupy Strategy Survey:http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VMHPYB2

The InterOccupy Strategy Working Group is working with a list of 31
Objectives. We want your feedback. Please take this survey:
http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VMHPYB2  There is a limit 100 respondents, so
vote soon!

3. Is it possible to live w/out money?

There are several great organizations in the Boston area that want you to
try, see below.



P.S. Don’t forget the Occupy National Gathering, Kalamazoo, MI, 8/21-25/13


1. Bartering for Services: http://www.timetradecircle.org/

This website takes the hassle out of bartering by awarding Time Trade
Circle “hours” for hours “worked” that you can use to “pay” other members
for their services. People post “offers” and “wanted” much like freecycle.
The site tracks the trades.

2. Free Stuff: http://groups.freecycle.org/freecycleboston/posts/all

Freecyclers are great people. Join up and post here for just about
anything.  And if you have something that you want to get rid of, in some
ways it’s better than craiglist because it’s one-to-one--I’ve never had a
freecycler not show up.

3. More Free Stuff and other stuff: http://boston.craigslist.org/

The grandaddy of re-use, re-purpose, re-sell.  You can get anything you
want on craigslist for half the price of new. Services, jobs, discussion
forums, personal ads, all FREE.

4. Traditional Chinese Medicine: http://www.pathwaysboston.org/

Great healthcare at a great price.

5. Peer to Peer Mental Health Counseling: http://cci-usa.org/index_2.htm

Take class, get a partner, and you’re set to go.

(click on “contact us” to find an email for the Boston Coordinator)

6. What can you get for $5? How can you earn $5 Click here to find out:



"Our goal is a society that prioritizes the needs of all before the profits
of the few." passed by Occupy Boston General Assembly 11/29/11
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