[act-ma] 6/23 Brazilians that live in Boston and we get together to support people in Brazil

Charlie Welch cwelch at tecschange.org
Sat Jun 22 08:35:42 PDT 2013

"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side 
of the oppressor" Desmond Tutu.

We are researchers, workers, volunteers, students and friends of 
Brazilians that live in Boston and we get together to support people in 

For our friends that don't speak Portuguese and don't know what's happening:
During this month of June, Brazil staged several protests against the 
increase of bus tickets fares. Although the social organizations started 
using this claim, now the prostests englobe something bigger: they are 
against oppressive governments which do not protect the civil right of 
freedom of speech and protest.

What was supposed to be a non-violent act yesterday, became a real war 
scene, with policemen chasing everyone in the streets without further 
notice. Several people were injured. Dozens were arrested. One 
photographer can be blind in one eye.

For more information, see CNN article about the protest: 

So what we are planning to do:
1) Sunday at 2 pm we are going to meet in front of Cambridge Common Park 
to make posters and signs in support of the fight that is going on in Brazil

2) At 2:30 pm we are going to take pictures to show our support to what 
is going on in Brazil. We are planning to send it to friends, the media 
and people in Brazil.

TO SUM UP: we are meeting SUNDAY, 23rd of june at 2:00PM in Cambridge 
Common Park, by the Irish Monument

Please although help us have freedom and democracy in our country! That 
is all we are fighting for...

Facebook Event

"Se você é neutro a situações de opressão você escolheu ficar do lado do 
opressor" Desmon Tutu

Então nós temos alguns eventos:
1) Domingo (23/06) às 14 horas nos reuniremos para fazer cartazes e nos 
organziar no Cambridge Common Park.

2-) as 14:30 nós tiraremos uma foto coletiva com as mensagens que 
fizemos e começaremos a andar distribuindo panfletos e fazendo valer a 
luta que está ocorrendo por la. Vamos mostrar o nosso apoio às 
manifestações e contra a violência e repressão policial que os cidadãos 
do Brasil têm sofrido e aos anos de descaso.

RESUMINDO 14 horas neste DOMINGO dia 23/06 no Cambridge Common Park, ao 
lado do Irish Monument.

Outras sugestões de mobilização são bem vindas!

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