[act-ma] 6/30: A Memorial Service For Hank Faunce

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Sunday, June 30th at 2:30pm
at the Community Church of Boston

Hank was a member of our community who recently passed away. Please come and
share your memories.


Hank Faunce, a product of the same tough working class neighborhood that
spawned the infamous Winter Hill gang, was never a joiner.

He always kept his eyes open and figured out what was going on, which
usually resulted in him staying aloof from it. He took a critical view of
the world he found himself in.

In his young adulthood, he rejected the capitalist system, and with it the
Democrats and the Republicans. He rejected the Leninists for their support
of Soviet Russia, and the Trotskyists because they wouldn't allow him to
attend their meetings unless he became a member.

To the best of my knowledge, the only institutions he ever joined were
athletic clubs and gyms.

But in the late 1940s, he found two groups who welcomed his presence and his
help without requiring the commitment of membership, and who shared his
dislike of capitalism.

One was the Community Church, and the other was the World Socialist Party.
In each case, he was critical of some of the views expressed, but not so
critical that he didn't feel moved to help as much as he could.

(I hope other people can talk more about what he did here at CCB. I know
only that he attended frequently in the Lothrop years -- in spite of
considering Lothrop a Stalinist -- and that at one point he was asked to,
and did, plan the programs for a season.)

After discovering the WSP through speakers on Boston Common, Hank attended
close to every public meeting held by the organization. Once he even showed
up on an evening when there was no public meeting scheduled, and stayed to
help the comrades get out a mailing of their journal, The Western Socialist.

Because his career was in radio, Hank probably did more to promote the WSP's
case for Socialism than most of the actual members could. He also did many
radio interviews with Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, and others.

We will all miss him, his unique insights and his wonderful stories.



The Community Church is located at 565 Boylston Street in Copley Square,
between Dartmouth and Clarendon Streets.

Parking is available on Sunday mornings at the Back Bay Garage (entrances on
Clarendon Street or St. James Ave.). We can provide a discount coupon and
you will be charged $5.00 for 3 hours of parking.

By public transportation, take the Green line to Copley or take the Orange
line to Back Bay station. Community Church is a 2-minute walk from either



The Community Church of Boston is a free community united for the study and
practice of universal religion, seeking to apply ethical ideals to
individual life and the democratic and cooperative principle to all forms of
social and economic life.



Linda Jenkins, Congregational Director
Community Church of Boston
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Boston, MA 02116
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