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UJP Activist: UJP -- Marching for Justice with Peace: UFPJ Member Call on  
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Dear UJP Activist -

A national mobilization is being called for *Saturday, August 24th* to  
commemorate the historic 1963 Civil Rights Movement March on Washington. This  
mobilization called by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King III, the National Action  
Network (NAN) and many other partners including the King Center and Southern  
Christian Leadership Council (SCLC) is coming at a critical time with the  
attack on voting rights and the recent Trayvon Martin verdict.  United for  
Peace and Justice, has been participating on the national mobilizing calls  
and is working with the march organizers to insure that peace is an important  
part of the message.

Join Our Conference Call Tomorrow Night at 6:00 pm to get plugged in!
*Dial-in Number*: (424) 203-8400
*Participant Access Code:* 569283#
*In 1967 *after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. made his now famous Beyond Vietnam  
-- A Time to Break Silence speech, other Civil Rights leaders and King’s  
detractors told him he had no business speaking out against the war. They  
said he should stay in his lane and only talk and work on Civil Rights. But  
King understood that, “A time comes when silence is betrayal.” He chose  
to be unambiguous and loud about his opposition to the war in Vietnam.  
However, King had already spoken out about the evils of war in his 1964 Noble  
Prize Lecture. He talked about the triple evils of racism, poverty and war.  
He warned the world that, “mankind's survival is dependent upon man's  
ability to solve the problems of racial injustice, poverty, and war…”
These words are just as important today.
In 2013: The Supreme Courts Civil Rights Act decision set the stage for  
renewed activism, but George Zimmerman’s acquittal for the killing of  
Trayvon Martin has ignited a surge of action. Whatever gains the nation has  
made on race, it is clear that many in the U.S. are working to turn back the  
clock.* Civil Rights and Black community activists are in high gear to  
mobilize for August 24th. It is understood that reactionary racist forces are  
watching to see if the Black community response is strong or tepid. But  
racism is only one aspect of the current attack on progressive ideas and  
working class people.
There is a backlash to the end of the Defense of Marriage Act, women’s  
reproductive rights are being attacked across the country, the immigration  
reform bill languishes in Congress because of general xenophobia and the  
climate justice movement while on the move is in need of support to keep up  
momentum. There is constant pressure to cut benefits such as Pensions, Social  
Security, Medicaid, and Medicare; and to cut local and state budgets. The  
cuts result in huge layoffs and hurt the most vulnerable.  There is a  
concerted effort to slow down the implementation of Obama care that would  
provide access to healthcare for millions. All these issues are directly  
related to peace in that people will not challenge the wars abroad if  
overwhelmed by a struggle for basic needs here at home.  We know that the  
resources wasted in war could be used to fulfill human needs. We must stand  
with our brothers and sisters for their struggles are our struggles. As  
peacemakers and justice seekers we must articulate how global and local  
peacemaking is one in the same.
We ask you to activate your networks to mobilize for DC and local activities.  
Come March on Washington with UFPJ and joins tens of thousands as we march  
and rally for justice with peace. The time is ripe, the time is now.
Activities are planned through the week. You can find out more infomation on  
UFPJ website here [1], at National Action Network, [2] or at the Offical MLK  
website [3].
Join Our Conference Call Tomorrow Night at 6:00 pm to get plugged in!
*Dial-in Number*: (424) 203-8400
*Participant Access Code:* 569283#


*United for Peace & Justice

United for Justice with Peace [5] is a coalition of peace and justice  
organizations and community peace groups in the Greater Boston region. The  
UJP Coalition, formed after September 11th, seeks global peace through social  
and economic justice.

/Help us continue to do this critical work! Make a donation to UJP today.  

info at justicewithpeace.org [7]

617-383-4857 www.justicewithpeace.org [8] Upcoming Events:  Shut Down  
Brayton Point [9] Sat Jul 27 9:00am Brayton Point Coal Plant Somerset  
Remembering Hiroshima [10] Tue Aug 6 3:30pm Cambridge City Hall to Brattle  
Square Cambridge FILM: "Hibakusha, Our Life to Live" [11] Tue Aug 6 7:00pm  
Brattle Theater Cambridge
/More Peace and Justice Events [12].    How to Submit Events [13]/ 

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