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Cities Scale:  Regenerative Development


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Monday, August 5

5pm  "Atmospheric CO2 Levels, change of level during the ages, relation between CO2 level and lower atmosphere temperature, adaption of plants to increasing CO2 levels"

Tuesday, August 6

10am  Tour of Blackstone Canal Restoration, Grafton, Mass.
7pm  Green tech Entrepreneur Forum & Brainstorming.

Wednesday, August 7

7:30pm  “Debating the Future of Solar Geoengineering”

Thursday, August 8

5pm  "Interactions of ocean acidification with physical climate change"

Friday, August 9

5pm  Circuit Symphony
5:30pm  Greentown Labs Farewell Pig Roast

Monday, August 12

10am  Doctoral Dissertation Defense Entitled: "The Marine Biogeochemistry of Dissolved and Colloidal Iron"
12pm  Cyber Security and Cyber Defense: A Systems Approach
7pm  Science by the Pint:  The mysteries of the genome


Event Details

Monday, August 5

"Atmospheric CO2 Levels, change of level during the ages, relation between CO2 level and lower atmosphere temperature, adaption of plants to increasing CO2 levels"
Monday, August 5, 2013 
5:00pm - 7:00pm
MIT, Building 68-181, 31 Ames Street, Cambridge
Editorial Comment:  The venue is the Koch Biology Building at MIT and, yes, it is one of the Koch Bros.

Presenter Tim Lenton

Open CO2 Seminar Series
The complete series will feature different aspects of CO2 from 5 different research perspectives: 1) CO2 chemistry and the global carbon cycle; 2) Co2 in biological systems; 3) CO2 in the atmosphere; 4) CO2 in the oceans; 5) CO2 and its impact on politics and economics.


Tuesday, August 6

Tour of Blackstone Canal Restoration, Grafton, Mass.
August 6th
10am - 12pm
 $20 Ecological Landscaping Association Member, $25 non-member

the Ecological Landscaping Association is sponsoring a tour of John Todd's project to restore the Blackstone Canal in Grafton, Mass., considered one of the most polluted rivers in the country. This tour will provide an excellent opportunity to see the clean-up in progress and to learn more about this biological approach to ecological restoration. A copy of the flier for this event is attached.

Note: Pre-registration is necessary!

Filter cleans foul Blackstone Canal

The Grafton Project: a Massachusetts canal contaminated with Bunker C oil gets a second chance

Tuesday, Aug. 6th, 10 AM - Noon,
Tour of Bioremediation at Blackstone River Canal, Grafton

Editorial Comment:  If anybody is traveling from the Boston area to this event, please let me know.  I am looking for a ride there (and back again).


Green tech Entrepreneur Forum & Brainstorming.
Tuesday, August 6, 2013
7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Eastern Bank, 647 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge
You can see into the conference room from the street

The Agenda is:
We will introduce ourselves and tell about our interest, expertise or work (1st hr)
You can give a ~3 to 5 minute elevator speach about your startup if you would like. (We will divide the 1st hour by # of people.)
What stage is your ideas or startup?  What is your goal?
Tell what personnel or additional expertise, funding, etc. you are seeking,
Discussion and Brainstorming on (2nd hr)
ideas for viable moneymaking startups,
methods of collaboration, networking, forming teams & partnerships etc.
marketing, media, social media, ideas that have worked well for publicity
Agencies, websites, companies that assist startups
Boston Greenfest & Gov't opportunities.
What would ou like to see in future meetups?
Seminars - We will have seminars by Sustainable Energy engineers and other tech experts as often as possible.

The bank is near the center of Central Sq., where Prospect and Mass Ave cross, - there is a Starbucks on the Northeast corner of the intersection.  Next to Starbucks is a Flower shop, and next to that is Eastern Bank.  You can see the conference room thru the window, so just wave to us and we will let you in.

Wednesday, August 7

“Debating the Future of Solar Geoengineering”
Wednesday, August 7
7:30pm (Doors open at 7:00pm)
MIT, Building E25, Room 111, 45 Carleton Street, Cambridge

With Panelists:  Stephen Gardiner, University of Washington;  David Keith, Harvard University;  Alan Robock, Rutgers University;  Daniel Schrag, Harvard University
Moderated By:  Oliver Morton, The Economist

Solar geoengineering is a theoretical proposal for slowing down global warming by reflecting away a small percentage of incoming sunlight. A growing number of experts are researching geoengineering in an effort to understand its potential for reducing the risks of climate change, and the significant social and physical risks of this technology. This public debate will bring together four eminent experts in the field to discuss the science of solar geoengineering, its potential risks and benefits, and what a sensible path forward might look like. For more information, visit:http://globalchange.mit.edu.

Contact:  Allison Gold Roberts
p. 617-253-6017
alligold at mit.edu

Thursday, August 8

"Interactions of ocean acidification with physical climate change"
August 8, 2013 
MIT, Building 68-181, 31 Ames Street, Cambridge
Editorial Comment:  The venue is the Koch Biology Building at MIT and, yes, it is one of the Koch Bros.

Presenter Laurent Bop

Open CO2 Seminar Series

The Sinskey lab (Department of Biology) is hosting an open seminar series on CO2. 

The complete series will feature different aspects of CO2 from 5 different research perspectives: 1) CO2 chemistry and the global carbon cycle; 2) Co2 in biological systems; 3) CO2 in the atmosphere; 4) CO2 in the oceans; 5) CO2 and its impact on politics and economics.


Friday, August 9

Circuit Symphony
Friday, August 9
5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
MIT Museum, Building N51, 265 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge
Free with Museum admission.

Transform everyday objects into extraordinary instruments with technology developed at MIT. Meet MIT Professor and founder of the Lifelong Kindergarten group, Mitch Resnick, and MaKey MaKey co-inventor Eric Rosenbaum and learn how they develop creative learning experiences. Then, join us as we use Drawdio,MaKey MaKey, and other inventions to turn anything in our environment - from stairs to your own arm - into musical instruments! Explore electrical conductance and capacitance and push the boundaries of how music is made at the intersection of art and engineering.


Greentown Labs Farewell Pig Roast
Friday, August 9, 2013 
5:30pm - 8:30pm
337 Summer Street, Boston
Contribute $30 to Greentown Grows at http://igg.me/at/Greentown-Grows

Join Greentown Labs as we say goodbye to our home on the waterfront by lighting the fires on our new pig roaster!  Enjoy a night of socializing, networking, and reminiscing as we look ahead to our new location in Somerville.  Admission includes food, drinks, and access to the very last public event to be held at our space at 337 Summer St!  A limited supply of tickets are available at our Greentown Grows crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo (http://igg.me/at/Greentown-Grows/x/3884004).

Monday, August 12

Doctoral Dissertation Defense Entitled: "The Marine Biogeochemistry of Dissolved and Colloidal Iron"
Monday, August 12, 2013
MIT, Building 54-915 (the tallest building on campus)

Speaker: Jessica N. Fitzsimmons

Open to: the general public
Sponsor(s): Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences (EAPS)
For more information, contact:  Jacqui Taylor

Editorial Comment:  This is an important topic as one of the leading ideas for geoengineering is to seed the oceans with iron to stimulate phytoplankton uptake of CO2. 


Cyber Security and Cyber Defense: A Systems Approach
Monday, August 12, 2013
Webinar at http://sdm.mit.edu/news/news_articles/webinar_081213/iheagwara-webinar-cyber-security-defense.html

Speaker: Charles Iheagwara, Ph.D., director, cyber security practice, Unatek; SDM alumnus

Cyber espionage and cyber attacks are just two of the innumerable threats facing enterprise networks as a result of the ever-evolving technical landscape. Reasons include: 
wireless and cloud domains that have expanded the perimeter of cyber defense; 
a new underground economy that is not properly understood and which therefore challenges the design, operation, and effectiveness of enterprise cyber security; and 
the resultant multiplicity of undefined, unforeseen, and often undetected threat vectors. 

This webinar will provide: 
an overview of the extended enterprise landscape and the cyber space ecosystem; 
a high-level explanation of why current and/or traditional cyber security architecture fails to effectively protect networked institutional and corporate assets; and 
an introduction to new concepts and ideas that can form the foundation of future cyber security architecture and shields.

MIT SDM System Thinking Webinar Series 
The MIT System Design and Management Program Systems Thinking Webinar Series features research conducted by SDM faculty, alumni, students, and industry partners. The series is designed to disseminate information on how to employ systems thinking to address engineering, management, and socio-political components of complex challenges.

Web site:  http://sdm.mit.edu/news/news_articles/webinar_081213/iheagwara-webinar-cyber-security-defense.html
Open to: the general public
Cost: Free
Tickets: See url above.
Sponsor(s): Engineering Systems Division, MIT System Design and Management Program
For more information, contact:  Lois Slavin
lslavin at mit.edu 


Science by the Pint:  The mysteries of the genome
August 12th 
The Burren, 247 Elm Street, Davis Square, Somerville

Dr. Andrea Pauli
The genome contains all the information necessary to build a living being – whether a little bacterium or an entire organism as complex as a human being. One of the greatest conundrums in biology is that neither genome size nor the number of protein-coding genes scales with the complexity of an organism. What then distinguishes us from an little earth-worm scavenging for food, or from a fish swimming around in a pond?

Dr. Pauli will discuss novel insights into the complexity of the genome, particularly in light of the recent finding that a much larger fraction of the genome is transcribed than previously anticipated. Despite some exceptions, most of these novel transcripts do not appear to encode proteins and have not been identified in previous large-scale screens for essential regulators of development. Do these ‘non-coding’ RNAs have any function in vivo, or are they merely transcriptional noise? Apart from non-coding RNAs, an additional layer of regulation has been suggested by novel insights into the dynamic organization of chromatin. Chromatin modifications, long-range interactions between distant genomic elements – what are their roles in regulating gene expression?

SITN’s Science by the Pint is a chance to interact directly with research scientists. Dr. Pauli will give a brief intro to her work, and take a few questions before mingling from table to table with other member of her group to chat with you.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Boston Greenfest
Thursday-Saturday, August 15-17, 2013
Boston City Hall Plaza, Boston
Free admission

Boston GreenFest 2012 is a fully inclusive festival filled with fun learning experiences to address the important changes we need to make in our daily lives and our neighborhoods. It will begin at Boston City Hall Plaza with a Kick-Off Concert on Thursday, August 16, from 5-9:30 pm and will continue all day long, Friday-Saturday, August 17-18, from noon-9:30 pm and 11 am-8 pm. This year we are introducing The Movement Festival and will have performances and free dance classes on Sunday, August 19 from 10 am-5 pm. It is an event that will have something for everybody, young and old.

What's Happening at Boston GreenFest 2012? 
All of our neighborhoods will come together from across Greater Boston to work on solutions to make our city a healthy sustainable place to live. People from all over New England will be welcome to join us. Boston GreenFest 2012 brings many opportunities to the heart of our city to learn about green products, services, ideas, networks, and jobs. There will be interactive exhibits, workshops, presentations, and special features: continuous live entertainment on three stages, EcoTimeTrail, EcoFashion, GreenFilmFest for children and adults, eco-games, One Gallon Challenge – a "race" starting at noon on Thursday, August 16th from Plymouth, MA to GreenFest for cars that can drive 112 miles on 1 gallon of gas and arrive at City Hall throughout the afternoon to be on hand during the entire festival, lots of great kids' activities, great food, and much more.
Learn and Celebrate!

Find out how to save money and make your home efficient. Buy local fresh and organic fruits and vegetables. Explore interesting vendors of unique crafts and products. Check out new clean technologies and green inventions. Be amazed at how we can begin to make a difference with small changes to our own lives and how we can build on these changes with our neighbors. Let's learn and celebrate together!


FAS Monthly Environmental Movies/Brown Bag Lunch Series
Thursday, August 15, 2013 
12:00pm - 1:00pm
Harvard, Mallinckrodt 102, 12 Oxford Street, Cambridge

Join us for screenings of the most inspiring TED talks on a variety of environmental topics. Every 3rd Thursday of the month.

Contact Name:  Gosia Sklodowska
gosia_sklodowska at harvard.edu


National Honey Bee Day 2013
Saturday, August 17, 2013
12:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Follow the Honey, 1132 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

This is our 3rd year hosting free public events during National Honey Bee Day at Follow The Honey. We'd love to hear from you for apis mellifera inspired performance, presentations & demonstrations. Is there something you would like to say? Is there something you would like to learn? Is there someone you know who should bee in the lineup? Please be in touch and let's cross pollinate a community based day of honey bee loving fun! 
Editorial Comment:  Always good to remember the bees, Mr President.


Free Compost Workshop
Monday, August 19
Public Works, 147 Hampshire Street, 1st floor conference room, Cambridge
RSVP to recycle at cambridgema.gov

Save your banana peels and learn how to compost and reduce food waste. Learn the composting options residents have and ways to reduce food waste, from Cambridge's Recycling Director, Ms. Randi Mail. She will review best practices for outdoor composting, indoor composting with worms, options for drop-off and bicycle pickup. Composting and making soil is rewarding, benefits your garden and house plants and curbs climate change! Reducing food waste is incredibly important considering that Americans waste more than 40% of the food we produce for consumption. That comes at an annual cost of more than $100 billion. 


Energy Exodus
August 28 to September 2, 2013
From Somerset, Mass To Cape Wind, Across the South Coast, MA

From August 28th to September 2nd, the Better Future Project will sponsor the Energy Exodus -- a march from the largest point-source carbon emitter in the North East to the site of the nation's first off shore wind farm. Whether for a single day or for the entire march, we hope you can join us on this six-day trek from Brayton Point to Barnstable, MA. By the end, with over 1,000 people participating, we will have demonstrated the strength of our movement and progressed toward the clean, safe future that we all deserve.

Let us know you're interested here: http://energyexodus.org/
Facebook: Energy Exodus: March from Coal to Cape Wind  https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/332490020213403/
Sponsored by: Better Future Project

Contact Better Future Project
Email:  info at betterfutureproject.org 
Phone: (617) 299-0771 
Website: http://energyexodus.org


Bread and Puppet Total This & That Circus
Sunday, September 1st
3 pm
Cambridge Common, near the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Waterhouse Street, Cambridge. 
Free performance [pass-the-hat donations welcome], rain or shine. 
For further details, call the Boston-area Bread & Puppet Theater information line 617-286-6694 or log onto www.breadandpuppet.org.

As part of a world-wide birthday celebration of "50 Years of Sublime Arsekicking Puppetry," the award-winning Bread & Puppet Theater from Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom presents their Total This & That Circus on the Cambridge Common, a public space they used to frequent prior to the mid-1980’s. For the past few years, the company has once again revived its descent upon the park, resurrecting that age old Harvard Square tradition of outdoor theatrical political rabble rousing.

Total This & That Circus includes the following ingredients, as described by Bread & Puppet's artistic director Peter Schumann: 
Daffodil combat forces battling F-35 jets; the elimination of the 800,001st Palestinian olive tree, totally unattended by the National Outrage Orchestra; an Animal Rental Facility, which offers disenchanted customers of civilization instant transformation into frog or deer, cricket or rat. There will also be new characters, such as underprivileged Corporate Dwarves, overshadowed by Ordinary 99% Giants promoting brand-new economy-shrinking ventures, while the Lubblerland National Dance Company enhances the program with eternal values gloves-on dances presented to the gloves-off practitioners in Guantanamo and elsewhere.

Please take note that if some of the circus acts are politically puzzling to adults, accompanying children can usually explain them. The audience is welcome to examine all the masks and puppets after the performance, and Cheap Art will be for sale. Examples of Bread & Puppet’s work can be found atwww.breadandpuppet.org.

Harvard Square's Revival Month:
Bread & Puppet’s outdoor Circus on the Cambridge Common kicks off what now has become Harvard Square’s annual “Revival Month.” The finale to thisentire "month of reincarnations” will be the return of the HONK! Parade on Sunday, Oct. 13th. Bread & Puppet will join two dozen HONK! Festival street bands and hundreds of local participants in a procession to "Reclaim the Streets for Horns, Bikes, and Feet" on Massachusetts Avenue leading into Harvard Square’s35th Annual Oktoberfest (from noon-6 pm). For complete information on Harvard Square’s “Revival Month” visit www.harvardsquare.com. For more information on the HONK! Festival and the parade that runs from Davis Square to Harvard Square, log onto www.honkfest.org.

Bread & Puppet 2013 Celebrating "50 Years of Sublime Arsekicking Puppetry" in the Boston-area:
The Circus on the Cambridge Common also serves as the local launch of a series of national and international "50 Years of Sublime Arsekicking Puppetry"anniversary events. Besides the aforementioned HONK!, there will be a Total This & That Circus performed as part of Lawrence, Mass.' Bread & Roses Festival (www.breadandrosesheritage.org) on Monday, September 2nd. Soon after on Saturday, September 14th, Boston College will host "50 Years Bread & Puppet: Cheap Art and Political Theater" (www.bc.edu/BP50), a day-long symposium packed with scholarly and artistic presentations showcasing the breadth and depth of Bread & Puppet's influence on politics as well as art.

Special thanks to the Cambridge Arts Council and the Harvard Square Business Association for helping make Bread & Puppet's return to the Cambridge Common possible; funded in part by the Cambridge Arts Council.


The New England Electricity Restructuring Roundtable Presents: Modernizing the Electric Grid in New England
September 20, 2013
9 am to 12:30 pm
Foley Hoag LLP, 155 Seaport Boulevard, 13th Floor, Boston

In October of 2012, the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities issued a notice of inquiry (NOI) on electric grid modernization that sought to develop a vision for a modern grid in Massachusetts and a road-map to get there. The NOI launched a stakeholder process charged with exploring both grid-facing and customer-facing issues, as well as developing recommendations for the DPU. 

On July 2, 2013, the MA Grid Modernization Steering Committee, comprised of the four investor-owned utilities and representatives from over 20 diverse stakeholder groups, filed a 141 page Final Report with the DPU. The Report includes 1) goals, opportunities, and barriers; 2) a clear taxonomy of a modernized grid including outcomes and enablers; 3) a snap-shot of utilities' current systems and technologies; 4) a joint fact- finding summary of advanced metering functionality and cost, as well as time-varying rates; and 5) extensive recommendations on a wide range of grid modernization issues, including the appropriate regulatory and cost-effectiveness frameworks to foster grid modernization.

Join us at our 136th Roundtable as we discuss the Report and the DPU's plans for adopting and implementing an appropriate grid modernization regulatory framework. The panel will be anchored by MA DPU Chair Ann Berwick, who will discuss the DPU's vision and its next steps. She will be joined by representatives from the MA Grid Mod Steering Committee who will discuss the findings and recommendations of the report, including those where consensus was reached and those where two or more options were delivered to the DPU:

Jamie Tosches, Assistant Attorney General, MA AGO 
Peter  Zschokke, Director, Regulatory Strategy, National Grid 
Camilo Serna, VP Corporate Strategy, Northeast Utilities 
Janet Besser, VP Policy and Govt. Affairs, NE Clean Energy Council

To provide additional perspective on grid modernization, we have invitedCommissioner Kelly Speakes-Backman, Maryland Public Service Commission, to kick-off the Roundtable by discussing Maryland's efforts to modernize its grid. Maryland utilities are currently involved in the widespread deployment of advanced metering infrastructure and a peak-time rebate program, among other grid modernization activities. Commissioner Speakes-Backman, who has been actively involved in Maryland's grid modernization efforts, also serves on RGGI and was previously the Clean Energy Director at the Maryland Energy Administration.

Free and open to the public with no advanced registration!!


Where is the best yogurt on the planet made? Somerville, of course!

Join the Somerville Yogurt Making Cooperative and get a weekly quart of the most thick, creamy, rich and tart yogurt in the world. Membership in the coop costs $2.50 per quart. Members share the responsibility for making yogurt in our kitchen located just outside of Davis Sq. in FirstChurch.  No previous yogurt making experience is necessary.

For more information checkout.


Cambridge Residents: Free Home Thermal Images

Have you ever wanted to learn where your home is leaking heat by having an energy auditor come to your home with a thermal camera?  With that info you then know where to fix your home so it's more comfortable and less expensive to heat.  However, at $200 or so, the cost of such a thermal scan is a big chunk of change.

HEET Cambridge has now partnered with Sagewell, Inc. to offer Cambridge residents free thermal scans.

Sagewell collects the thermal images by driving through Cambridge in a hybrid vehicle equipped with thermal cameras.  They will scan every building in Cambridge (as long as it's not blocked by trees or buildings or on a private way).  Building owners can view thermal images of their property and an analysis online. The information is password protected so that only the building owner can see the results.

Homeowners, condo-owners and landlords can access the thermal images and an accompanying analysis free of charge. Commercial building owners and owners of more than one building will be able to view their images and analysis for a small fee.

The scans will be analyzed in the order they are requested.

Go to Sagewell.com.  Type in your address at the bottom where it says "Find your home or building" and press return.  Then click on "Here" to request the report.

That's it.  When the scans are done in a few weeks, your building will be one of the first to be analyzed. The accompanying report will help you understand why your living room has always been cold and what to do about it.

With knowledge, comes power (or in this case saved power and money, not to mention comfort).


Free solar electricity analysis for MA residents


HEET has partnered with NSTAR and Mass Save participating contractor Next Step Living to deliver no-cost Home Energy Assessments to Cambridge residents.

During the assessment, the energy specialist will:

Install efficient light bulbs (saving up to 7% of your electricity bill)
Install programmable thermostats (saving up to 10% of your heating bill)
Install water efficiency devices (saving up to 10% of your water bill)
Check the combustion safety of your heating and hot water equipment
Evaluate your home’s energy use to create an energy-efficiency roadmap
If you get electricity from NSTAR, National Grid or Western Mass Electric, you already pay for these assessments through a surcharge on your energy bills.  You might as well use the service.

Please sign up at http://nextsteplivinginc.com/heet/?outreach=HEET or call Next Step Living at 866-867-8729.  A Next Step Living Representative will call to schedule your assessment.

HEET will help answer any questions and ensure you get all the services and rebates possible.

(The information collected will only be used to help you get a Home Energy Assessment.  We won’t keep the data or sell it.)

(If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to call HEET’s Jason Taylor at 617 441 0614.)


Cambridge Solar Challenge

We're working to get 100 solar-panel installations on residential roofs in Cambridge this summer.

Because of the scale of the project, we've managed to bargain with Next Step Living (the solar installer) to get a:
20% discount for Cambridge residents from May 1st until August 1st. (That's 20% below the state average price per watt installed.)  The discount applies whether the solar is purchased outright or leased.

$300 donation to any nonprofit for any solar installations that result from their referral.  So, if your church, preschool or other nonprofit persuades a family in its community to sign up for a solar evaluation, and the family ends up installing solar, the nonprofit will earn $300 for its sustainability needs (such as adding insulation, installing efficient lighting, creating a garden, etc.). In this way we double the amount of good we are doing.

You can easily look up your home's solar potential through MIT's solar map (http://www.cambridgema.gov/solar/). Then email us (heet.cambridge at gmail.com) to sign up for a free solar assessment with an expert.

If you are associated with a nonprofit and want to help sign up solar assessments to increase the renewable energy  in Cambridge as well as earn money for your nonprofit, email us with questions or to get started.

We will happily attend events at your nonprofit in order to explain how solar works, figure out who has good solar potential and explain how it can save residents money.

Contact http://www.heetma.com


Sustainable Business Network Local Green Guide

SBN is excited to announce the soft launch of its new Local Green Guide, Massachusetts' premier Green Business Directory!

To view the directory please visit: http://www.localgreenguide.org
To find out how how your business can be listed on the website or for sponsorship opportunities please contact Adritha at adritha at sbnboston.org


Free Monthly Energy Analysis

CarbonSalon is a free service that every month can automatically track your energy use and compare it to your past energy use (while controlling for how cold the weather is). You get a short friendly email that lets you know how you’re doing in your work to save energy.



Boston Food System

"The Boston Food System [listserv] provides a forum to post announcements of events, employment opportunities, internships, programs, lectures, and other activities as well as related articles or other publications of a non-commercial nature covering the area's food system - food, nutrition, farming, education, etc. - that take place or focus on or around Greater Boston (broadly delineated)."

The Boston area is one of the most active nationwide in terms of food system activities - projects, services, and events connected to food, farming, nutrition - and often connected to education, public health, environment, arts, social services and other arenas.   Hundreds of organizations and enterprises cover our area, but what is going on week-to-week is not always well publicized.
Hence, the new Boston Food System listserv, as the place to let everyone know about these activities.  Specifically:
Use of the BFS list will begin soon, once we get a decent base of subscribers.  Clarification of what is appropriate to announce and other posting guidelines will be provided as well.

It's easy to subscribe right now at https://elist.tufts.edu/wws/subscribe/bfs


Artisan Asylum  http://artisansasylum.com/

Sprout & Co:  Community Driven Investigations

Greater Boston Solidarity Economy Mapping Project  http://www.transformationcentral.org/solidarity/mapping/mapping.html
a project by Wellesley College students that invites participation, contact jmatthaei at wellesley.edu


Bostonsmart.com's Guide to Boston  http://www.bostonsmarts.com/BostonGuide/


Links to events at 60 colleges and universities at Hubevents   http://hubevents.blogspot.com

Thanks to

Fred Hapgood's Selected Lectures on Science and Engineering in the Boston Area  http://www.BostonScienceLectures.com

Boston Area Computer User Groups  http://www.bugc.org/

Arts and Cultural Events List  http://aacel.blogspot.com/

Cambridge Civic Journal  http://www.rwinters.com












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