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UJP Activist: Conflict in Syria: US Intervention and the Prospects for Peace  
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*When:* Thursday, August 15, 2013, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
*Where: *First Parish Cambridge (Unitarian Universalist) • 3 Church Street  
• Harvard Square • Cambridge

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-------- *PRESENTERS:* -------------------------------------------------------

/Marwa Alnaal/

/Syrian American Forum 
A graduate of the international relations program at Clark University, Ms.  
Alnaal is a Syrian American who has travelled to Syria multiple times to  
study the crisis.

/Assaf Kfoury/

/Boston University computer science department
Prof. Kfoury grew up in Beirut and Cairo and has published numerous articles  
on the Middle East in the Nation, Z-net, Counter Punch, etc, and has recently  
returned from Lebanon.

/Nidal Bitari/

/Arab NGO Network for Development, ANND, Program Coordinator
Mr. Bitari has written in Arabic journals and will talk about his expierences  
during the uprising in Syria as a Palestinian living in a Syrian refugee  

*With Commentary By:*

/Elaine Hagopian/


/Professor of sociology at Simmons College (emeritus)
Prof. Hagopian is Syrian by birth and has spent much of her life studying the  
Middle East, Palestine and Syria.

The drawn out conflict in Syria is of great concern; 100,000 people have been  
killed and there are more than a million refugees, but intervention by the US  
and other countries creates the potential for a major regional war.

The US decision to supply arms to the opposition escalates the violence when  
a ceasefire and political talks are needed.

Most activists in the peace/antiwar movement and public opinion oppose US  
intervention, but there are many questions because of the complexity and lack  
of reliable information.

/US Forces Deployed in Jordan 
democracynow.org [1]/
*/The Following Questions will be Addressed:/*
  -- What is the historical background of the current situation?
  -- What is the actual situation in Syria, who are the players and what are
their agendas?  How are things changing?
-- How are the US and other countries involved, including  
sanctions, "nonlethal" aid and covert actions?  What can we do to oppose US

-- Can the peace movement support a dialogue and "political solution  
by Syrians and for Syrians, based on the Geneva Declaration of June 2012"?
(Syrian American Forum)?  How can this be achieved?
-- Is there a way to provide humanitarian assistance to refugees and  
other victims, through UN or genuinely neutral agencies?

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United for Justice with Peace [3] is a coalition of peace and justice  
organizations and community peace groups in the Greater Boston region. The  
UJP Coalition, formed after September 11th, seeks global peace through social  
and economic justice.

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