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The Militant
Labor Forum Presents:

 The fight for jobs, the fight to unionize,
and the fight to raise the minimum
Friday, August 16, 7:00 pm
Viernes, 16 de augusto,7:00 pm
Labor Forum Hall 
13 Bennington St., 2nd floor, East Boston
   Four years into the so-called recovery from
the 2007-2009 recession, only 47 percent of the adult population have full-time
jobs, according to government figures. 
   And those facing increasingly longer periods
of unemployment are finding it more difficult to get work. Only 58.7 percent of
the adult population of 245 million was working at all last month.
  The Socialist Workers candidates around the
country say that working people need to organize independent of the two parties
of the bosses, and put forward demands for our class, including:
          A massive government-funded public works programto provide millions of
jobs building affordable housing, hospitals, child care centers and other
things workers need.
          A big
increase in the minimum wage. The
capitalists set wages from the bottom up. A low minimum wage drags down all
workers’ pay. The labor movement needs to campaign for this demand alongside
efforts to organize all workers – with or without proper papers.
Hear Kevin Dwire, Socialist Workers
Party candidate for Mayor
Suggested donation $5 Traducción al español
617-569-9169 bostonmlf at yahoo.com
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T Blue Line to Maverick Station, bus or walk five
blocks down  Meridianto  Benningtonat  Liberty Plazatraffic circle. 
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