[act-ma] Sun. 8/25 - Women's Equality Day Action in Boston - Park St. Station, 2pm

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We Won't Go Back! We Will Fight Back! National Day of Actions for Women's
Equality Day Sunday, August 25 - 2:00 PM
Park St. Station - Boston

Click here for the Facebook

*As part of nationwide demonstrations in honor of Women's Equality Day,
WORD Boston and other organizations and individuals are joining together
for a rally in Boston. Click here to read the full call to action from

[image: WORD NYC Action 03-09-13]Across the country, abortion rights,
voting rights and workplace protections are under attack. While Black and
Brown youth are targeted and face constant persecution, racist police and
the George Zimmerman's of the world roam free. Right-wing and corporate
forces seek to undo the gains won by the Civil Rights movement, the
movement for women’s rights and every progressive movement that has changed
the history of this country for the better. Women nationwide are taking the
streets to defend the gains of our movements and to push for greater rights
and equality for all.

   - *Full reproductive rights now:* Access to safe, legal abortion and
   birth control – on demand. We want healthcare that covers these services
   and access to it for all women. We want the information that we need to
   stay healthy, including an end to abstinence-only sex education in our

   - *Defend women in the workplace:* Close the wage gap and provide equal
   pay for equal work. All jobs must offer maternity leave, access to
   childcare and an end to discrimination against working mothers. End sexual
   harassment at work.

   - *Stop the budget cuts:* Cutting federal, state and local social
   services punishes poor women. We demand government funding for SNAP, WIC
   and other social services that millions of working and poor women depend on.

   - *We want full equality and respect now:* Fight racism, sexism and
   anti-LGBT bigotry. Stop the exploitation and commercialization of women in
   mass media. An injury to one is an injury to all!

 *Shoulder to shoulder, and side by side, join the fight for women's rights
and the rights of all oppressed people. Together, our voices will be heard!*

*For more info and to get involved, call (617) 506-WORD (9073) or email
Boston at defendwomensrights.org*

*Women Organized to Resist and Defend*
 [image: Follow us on Facebook]<https://www.facebook.com/DefendWomensRights>

[image: Follow us on Twitter] <https://twitter.com/WORD_Women>

info at DefendWomensRights.org

*Chicago:* 773-828-9205 or chicago at defendwomensrights.org
*Connecticut:* 203-787-8232 or ct at defendwomensrights.org
*Los Angeles:* 323-394-3611 or la at DefendWomensRights.org
*New York:* 347-292-WORD (9673) or nyc at defendwomensrights.org
*San Francisco:* 415-375-9502 or sf at DefendWomensRights.org

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