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*                            THE JENIN FREEDOM THEATRE'S US TOUR*

A great person once said, "If you rent a 54 passenger Peter Pan Bus to go
see The Freedom Theatre perform.... THOSE IN SOLIDARITY WILL COME!" RESERVE
YOUR TICKET NOW!<https://docs.google.com/forms/d/13Bcxls20df3XZcveIYmJ_zTAJrlOAU2-sklx8_T8N7Y/viewform>

*The Freedom Theatre <http://www.thefreedomtheatre.org/>: *The Freedom
Theatre is an independent cultural center in the Jenin refugee camp in the
Occupied West Bank, Palestine. In September they are embarking on a US tour
of their adaptation of "The Island," which is their first production in

*The Island <http://www.thefreedomtheatre.org/productions/the-island/>:
by famed South African playwrights Athol Eugard, John Kapi and Winston
Ntshona, "The Island" is set in a prison based on Robben Island, where
Nelson Mandela was held captive for 27 years. The play concerns two
prisoners who share a cell during the apartheid days in South Africa. They
spend their days in mind-numbing physical labour and their nights
rehearsing for a performance of "Antigone," by Sophocles. Antigone, who
defies the state to follow her conscience, is sentenced by her uncle King
Creon to die for her crime.
"The Freedom Theatre's adaptation of "The Island" reflects the experiences
of Palestinian political prisoners and the abuses within the Israeli prison
system. The play also highlights the parallels between apartheid South
Africa and Palestine today."

*What: *The Freedom Theatre's performance of "The Island"
*When: *September 7, 2013, 2:00pm
*Where: *The University of Connecticut
*How: *A bus will pick us up at 10:00am at Ruggles Station on
Northeastern's campus. It will bring us to the University of Connecticut
for a 2:00pm Matinee. The performance will last approximately 2 hours. The
bus will then pick us up at 6:00pm, giving us time for post production
conversations and/or a meal. We will arrive back at Northeastern around

: For the low, LOW sliding scale (considering NYC tickets are $100) of $25
to $75, you will receive a round trip bus ticket and a ticket for the play.
Any money raised beyond cost will go directly to the Freedom Theatre.

We hope that you will Join Us in Solidarity with The Freedom Theatre and
the Palestinian People.

Contact leftinfocus at gmail.com or reply with any questions.

In Love & Resistance,
Bryan MacCormack and Michael Marston
Left In Focus - @LeftInFocus, leftinfocus at gmail.com

Michael Marston
Northeastern University, 2013 - Cultural Anthropology
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