[act-ma] 10/5 - 10/7 Rainforest Action Network's roadtour BOSTON stop!

Megan Szrom megan at ran.org
Wed Sep 4 16:10:08 PDT 2013

The Rainforest Action Network (RAN) road tour is headed to Boston on October 5-7!
RAN's Power is in Your Palm grassroots campaign is pressuring 20 snack food companies to eliminate Indonesian rainforest destruction from their palm oil supply chains. RAN's work to protect Indonesia's remaining rainforests involves creative activism targeting many stakeholders: the palm oil plantation owners, palm oil global traders (i.e. Cargill), and big palm oil purchasers (i.e. snack food companies like Kellogg's and Hersheys).

We are excited to connect with our activists in Massachusetts and we want you to be there!
Saturday, 10/5, Evening: A house party meeting with our local 'snacktivists' to talk about palm oil issues and ways we can mobilize in the community.
Sunday, 10/6: Join us at the Local Food Fest where we will make a big splash collecting photo petitions to take a stand for the orangutans against habitat destruction for snack foods.
Monday, 10/7: a visit to the Dunkin Donuts headquarters in Canton, where we will be dressed in orangutan gear pressuring the company to eliminate conflict palm oil from their supply chains. Will you be able to come and/or help us plan and recruiting for the event?
We would love to hear your ideas, and details on events you may have planned for the 5-7 that we could participate in!

For more info on our campaign, please visit: http://ran.org/palm-oil
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