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September 13, 7:00 pm
           Working people in the US
should stand shoulder to shoulder with the millions of workers across Syria who
have been mobilizing for two and a half years against brutal assaults and
repression carried out by the Assad regime. Workers of a broad range of
nationalities and faiths – Sunnis, Shia, Palestinians, Kurds and others – have
said, “Enough!” to decades of abuse. The recent chemical attack comes after
hundreds of murderous attacks by the regime that has resulted in 100,000 dead
and 7 million internal and external refuges.
           Working people in the US
should also unconditionally oppose US government intervention in Syria or
anywhere in the Middle East. The capitalist rulers of the United States are a
deadly enemy of working people at home and abroad. For decades they have
intervened repeatedly in the Middle East and North Africa seeking to keep
workers and farmers from gaining control of the patrimony of their lands, to
reap the profits flowing from oil in the region, and to impose stability for
the capitalist world order.
           The working people of
Syria are fighting for political space to build their organizations, to improve
their daily lives and to get a brutal regime off their backs. Working people in
this country should stand in solidarity with them in their fight.
           Come to a discussion.
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