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Dear Friends,

You are invited to join a vigil on behalf of planet earth at the Japanese
Consulate, 600 Atlantic Avenue, Boston - Thursday, October 10 from 8:15AM -

On October 10 we will decide together whether to do this vigil weekly or

Please come and bring friends and family.

Please RSVP TO sheilaruthparks at comcast.net or call with questions/comments.

We are standing in solidarity with the people of Japan, who have asked
people worldwide to join them in vigils and who protest at the Prime
Minister's house every week.

We are standing to beg, beseech, implore demand that an international team
of experts - scientists and engineers - be allowed to work on the Fukushima
tragedy, which is an international emergency of the highest order.  The
situation is extremely dire now with Unit 4, and TEPCO and the Japanese
government have said they will begin working on this mid-November 2013. We
are standing in solidarity with the people of Japan See the letter by Dr.
Helen Caldicott et al, to the UN, first in "some suggested readings.".

We are standing to demand the immediate shut down of Pilgrim in Plymouth,
MA.  Pilgrim is the same kind of nuclear power plant (NPP) as Fukushima - GE
MARK I. General Electric  - we bring good things to life.

We are standing to tell the world that FUKUSHIMA IS HERE NOW

The Japan Consulate is at 600 Atlantic Avenue, corner of Atlantic Avenue and
Summer Street - across from South Station. It is in the Federal Reserve Bank
Building. There are two large flagpoles, with flags, right at the plaza.  

Red Line, get off at South Station and you are there. It is a huge tall
building, takes up an entire city block.

Green Line to Park Street and change to Red Line.

The Japanese Consulate is on the 22nd floor.

We will be vigiling outside the building, not on the plaza of the building,
but on the public sidewalk. When you get there, it is very clear.

We will have signs, and if you can make and bring some signs and banners,
that will be wonderful.

Wear warm clothes, it is a cold and can be windy corner, and the sun is on
the other sides of the street. We will be the sun on that side of the

There are bathrooms and a huge food court in South Station and at least one
food truck across the street in the Roseway Garden

If you want your name, the name of your organization, the name of your
spiritual community, etc listed as a participant on the hand out we will
give out [the letter to the UN by Dr. Helen Caldicott will be the one on Oct
10th], please email Sheila Parks at sheilaruthparks at comcast.net

This is the only planet we have, need I tell you.

We are in the 11th hour now. 

If not us, who? If not now, when?


On Behalf of Planet Earth

Here are some suggested readings

Dr. Helen Caldicott et al
http://www.nirs.org/fukushima/expert-ltr-bankimoon-09-2013.pdf  Letter to
the UN, September 13, 2013
Dr. Helen Caldicott
http://rt.com/op-edge/fukushima-catastrophe-nuclear-olympics-883/ Endless
Fukushima Catastrophe, September 15,  2013

Dr. Helen Caldicott
shima-helen-caldicott/ The medical implications of Fukushima, July 10, 2013

Harvey Wasserman https://www.commondreams.org/view/2013/09/20-1 Crisis at
Unit 4 Fukushima Demands a Global Takeover, September 20, 2013

Harvey Wasserman -
ma/ October 1, 2013

DiaNuke.org http://www.dianuke.org/some-facts-you-must-know-about-fukushima/
September 7, 2013

Christina Sarich
80203534 September 26, 2013

This is the petition by Harvey Wasserman to be given to UN in November, in
case you have not signed it yet 
by=6986571> &r_by=6986571 Retrieved from the Internet October 2, 2013
Sheila Parks, Ed.D.
On Behalf of Planet Earth
Watertown, MA
sheilaruthparks at comcast.net 
617 744 6020 

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