[act-ma] TUE OCT 15 7PM - Social Movements and Resistance in India

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Association for India's Development (MIT and Boston chapters) presents

A Talk

Social Movements and Resistance in India

by Madhuresh Kumar

National Organizer for National Alliance For People's Movements (NAPM) – India
(An alliance of 250+ people's organizations across India)

7-9 PM TUESDAY OCT 15 2013
MIT ROOM 4-237

Since the 1990s a new wave of 'modernization' is under progress in the
name of liberalizing the Indian economy which would remove the chains
shackling the Indian tiger, as claimed by the ruling classes. The
progress on the social fronts made till now has come under severe

This process of neo-liberal globalisation has since then led to great
churning and political upheaval among some sections of society,
especially the most marginalized. They are now refusing to live by
oppression, inequality and staking claims like never before.

These ripples of protest, resistance to designs of ruling classes
coupled with capital, national and international, is built on the wave
of new social movements started with the periodof Indian Emergency in
the '70s. In some ways, the liberalization of ideas, political
principles, human rights ideals and a vision for the equitable and
less consumption-based society and development started in that period.
The period saw the convergence of different political tendencies :
socialists, Gandhians, Marxists Leninist, Amdekarites and others,
giving birth to women's movements, environmental movement, new labor
movement, appropriate technology movement and seeds of urban movement.
These movements challenged the established political forms of
nationalism, developmentalism and pushed for an identity politics like
never before and the question of dignity acquired a new significance.

Madhuresh Kumar is National Organizer of National Alliance of People's
Movement (NAPM) in India. NAPM is an alliance of 250+ people's
movements across India who are dealing with rights issues and
Website - http://napm-india.org/


FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/events/220165111476763/

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