[act-ma] Sat Oct 26: FALL FESTIVAL fundraiser GALA, Salem MA, Greenhouse School - the little school that DOES! [special silent auction item: Crazy Creature world series art]

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Thu Oct 24 21:52:02 PDT 2013

(a very good cause folks; Danny and Julia are doing a heck of a job 
educating the kids at their school, the Greenhouse School 
<http://www.greenhouseschool.org> - no fairy tails taught /here/, but 
plenty of expectations :-)

******************************* IMMEDIATE RELEASE 
Contact: Dan Welch (978) 223-5747 cell or (978) 745-4549 school or by 
*email <mailto:wpdanny at netzero.com>*

World Series Prompts Interesting Creations
Local artist pays homage to Sox' series run

When Greenhouse School Directors Dan Welch and Julia Nambalirwa-Lugudde 
watched the Red Sox clinch the ALCS in a local pub, they shared the 
fans' sense of jubilation--until a bit of dread crept in. You see, the 
couple also runs the *small, independent Greenhouse School in Salem*, 
and plans for the*annual Fall Festival Fundraiser *are already set for 
Saturday night. When the game schedule came out, sure enough the event 
came smack into conflict with Game Three.

"I can't believe our luck," says Nambalirwa-Lugudde. "We've never had it 
at night before, and now when we do, everyone is going to be home 
watching the game!" For the past 20 years, the event has always been a 
daytime affair. This year, the couple decided to change the format to an 
evening, Gala event.

"We'll adapt," says husband Dan Welch, adding dryly, "We always do. 
Someone has a huge TV--we'll just make it the best series watching venue 
on the north shore, I guess."

Indeed, Nambalirwa-Lugudde has another idea to make fortune smile on the 
school's silent auction. Crazy World Creations, her fine art and crafts 
label, will be donating a very special item to the auction this year: a 
limited edition of her renowned Crazy Creatures with a Red Sox theme. 
Made by hand from repurposed cotton sweaters, each Crazy Creature is 
always a one-of-a-kind work of art. But the Sox being in the Series 
prompted her to make this one extra special, and donating it to the 
school's auction seems appropriate. "I'm hoping it will be the most 
sought-after item in the auction," she muses.

Fall Festival Gala is this Saturday starting at 7 p.m. at the school on 
Loring Ave. *The school will also hold a yard sale and other festival 
activities earlier in the day*--another concession to the conflict with 
Game Three. School officials stress, however, that you don't have to 
come to the Gala to bid on Ms. Julia's "Captain Goodluck" and can get in 
touch through the school's website at *greenhouseschool.org 

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