[act-ma] TOMORROW: stop the TPP! Protect access to meds!

Lily Ostrer lilyostrer at gmail.com
Wed Oct 30 17:24:49 PDT 2013

*Demand access to medicines, stronger environmental regulations, corporate
oversight & government transparency! *
*Stop the TPP!*

*What: *The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a massive free trade agreement
being negotiated in secret by the US and 11 other countries that, among
many other things, would severely impact access to medicines in developing
countries, undermine environmental regulations, decrease labor standards,
and block internet freedom. The Administration is trying to submit
the TPP for fast-track approval, which means that Congress cannot amend and
bypasses important Congressional oversight. The negotiations have thus far
been secret, so members of Congress and the public know nothing about the
contents except for what has been leaked.

Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader, is uniquely positioned to demand that
President Obama make the TPP public and that Congress have the opportunity
to consider and debate through the normal democratic process.

*Join us on Halloween to demand that Nancy Pelosi "unmask the TPP!"*

*When: Thursday, October 31st, 1:15 PM (we'll be there before and after the
speech, so if you can't make it at 1:15, we need another big surge at 2:30)*

*Where: *Inside Radcliffe Yard (10 Garden Street)
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