[act-ma] Tim DeChristopher, Chuck Turner, and Jill Stein to speak at Worcester Convention on Nov 9

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 *Tim DeChristopher*, nationally renowned environmental activist, will
deliver the keynote speech "S*tanding Up for People and the Planet*" at the
state convention of the Green-Rainbow Party this year.  DeChristopher
gained national attention in 2008 when he attempted to prevent
drilling on22,500 acres of public land by bidding at a Bureau of Land
Management oil
and gas lease auction.  For this protest, he was arrested and served 21
months in prison.  His story is told in the documentary film Bidder

The GRP State Convention
 will be held on November 9, 2013, 9:00am-5:00pm at the First Unitarian
Church, 90 Main St., Worcester, Massachusetts.  Christopher is scheduled to
speak at 10:45am.

Other speakers include:

*Chuck Turner*, Former Boston City Councilor and longtime human-rights
organizer, will speak on "*Entering the Lion’s Den: Organizing white, male
workers, 35—55, to fight back".  *After a lifetime of standing up to
moneyed interests and corruption, and speaking up publicly against FBI
abuses, Turner was the victim of an FBI sting operation *in which an FBI
informant was sent to Turner's office to hand Turner an unsolicited bundle
of cash that the FBI then claimed represented a bribe. * In this case that
smacked of pure political retribution, Turner was sentenced to three years
in prison, from which he has recently returned to rejoin the struggle for
justice in Massachusetts.

*Jill Stein*, 2012 Green Party Presidential Candidate, founder of the Green
Shadow Cabinet, will report on the Green uprisings around the nation, and
how the Green Party is increasingly becoming the vanguard of change.

*Joe Carvalho*,  candidate for mayor of Fall River, will discuss his recent
campaign and the ways we can offer voters real alternatives to

Registration includes a delicious vegan or pizza lunch.  You do not have to
be a member of the Green-Rainbow Party to attend. Registration fees are $35
supporter, $25 regular, $10 student or low income,  $2 unemployed/no income.
A $5 discount off the regular price can be obtained by pre-registering (pay
only $20).  Pre-registration is encouraged to speed entry on arrival and to
let organizers notify attendees of any last-minute changes to the agenda. To
register, click here <http://www.green-rainbow.org/2013_annual_convention>

According to Green-Rainbow Party co-chair John Andrews "With 60% of the
American public saying that we need alternatives to the Democrats and
Republicans, and Congressional approval ratings at 5%, people are hungry
for alternative voices.  We are the party that supports universal,
single-payer health care that covers everyone and bankrupts no one.  We are
the party that supports education as a human right, including free public
higher education and abolishing student debt.  We are the party that
opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership that would ship our jobs abroad.  We
are the party that supports raising the minimum wage to a living wage.  We
are the party that would end corporate personhood.  We are the party that
would stop Obama's ongoing  $85 billion per month Wall Street bailout and
use our nation's money to revive our struggling cities and pay off student
loans.  We are the party that would stop the Keystone XL pipeline, close
the Fukishima-style nuclear reactors, ban fracking, and vigorously promote
binding international agreements to save the climate.  We are the party
that supports a full employment green economy to end the scourge of
unemployment and halt impending climate catastrophe. This convention will
lay the foundation for advancing these fronts of struggle in Massachusetts
and beyond."

For more information and a detailed agenda click

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