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Wed Nov 13 11:17:09 PST 2013

Dear All,

Since August 18, 5 IWW members have been fired from Insomnia Cookies for
union activity. Despite a series of demonstrations at local stores, the
company continues to pay poverty wages, selling cookies for $1.35 that cost
.10 to make. Some employees report being denied legally-mandated breaks,
while others, earning minimum wage, have to supply their own money to make
change for customers. Insomnia is known not to provide Workers' Comp, and
managers even blame bike delivery workers when they get hurt in traffic.
Join us as we PICKET to keep the heat on Insomnia.  We'll gather tomorrow
evening (Thurs 11/14) starting at 9:30 pm, at Insomnia's Harvard Square
location, 65 Mt. Auburn St, just 2 blocks from the Harvard Red Line MBTA

*P**hone/email zap*: On 10/24/13, Insomnia Cookies employee Tommy Mendes
told his boss he was an IWW member. The next day he was suspended without
pay, and on 10/31/13 he was terminated in retaliation for union activity!
Feel free to email Tommy's boss Ryan right now, at
ryand at insomniacookies.comand let him know Tommy should be reinstated
with back pay! Call CEO Seth
Berkowitz at (877) 632-6654 and let him know how you feel about Tommy's
retaliatory firing.

You can hear Tommy Mendes, and IWW Striker Jonathan Pena, describe the
fight for justice at Insomnia
To contribute to the Insomnia Cookies Workers' Strike Fund, please click
here <https://www.wepay.com/donations/1952435343>. Find regular updates on
the Insomnia Campaign here <http://iwwboston.org/>.

In Solidarity,

Geoff for the Industrial Workers of the World / IWW <http://www.iww.org/>

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