[act-ma] CALL TO ACTION, Cambridge: Tell City Council "No to Forest City" and their bio lab proposal

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Wed Feb 20 12:30:43 PST 2013

Contact City Council: No to Forest City
Cambridge Residents Alliance
/Working for a Livable, Affordable and Diverse Cambridge/

City Council Set To Vote On Bio-Lab
At Gateway To Central Square


     On Monday, February 25^th , the Cambridge City Council will 
consider developer Forest City’s petition to significantly up-zone the 
MIT-owned property at 300 Mass Ave. This petition would allow Forest 
City to construct a bio-lab that is taller and  more massive than 
current zoning allows, and increase the creep of bio-labs into 
residential neighborhoods. This building would set a precedent for 
height and density increases that will sharply change Central Square’s 
residential character.

 1. *EMAIL THE CITY COUNCIL* about your concerns (see talking points
    below), using all these addresses: council at cambridgema.gov
    <mailto:council at cambridgema.gov> (reaches every City Council member
    – use subject line “Reject Forest City Petition”);
    dlopez at cambridgema.gov <mailto:dlopez at cambridgema.gov> (the City
    Clerk for the record); keepcambridgelivable at gmail.com
    <mailto:keepcambridgelivable at gmail.com> (so we have a copy).

 2. *FORWARD THIS EMAIL* to four friends who live in Cambridge. You can
    forward using the box at the bottom of this message.

 3. *SPEAK AT THE CITY COUNCIL MEETING*, Monday Feb. 25^th at 5:30 P.M.
    You can sign up to speak by calling the City Council Office at
    349-4280 on Monday 9AM --3PM, or by signing up at the meeting 5PM--6PM.

*4. MAKE 4 PHONE CALLS*; contact Shelley Rieman (shelleyrieman at gmail.com 
<mailto:shelleyrieman at gmail.com>) to take part in our Phone-a-thon.

     The Cambridge Residents Alliance is strongly opposed to the Forest 
City up-zoning petition for the following reasons:
a) Bio-labs, with their noise and release of fumes, don’t belong near 
people’s residences;
b) This up-zoning represents many millions in extra profits for the 
developer yet ignores the city’s stated need for more housing;
c) There have been no site-specific traffic or parking studies conducted;
d) The Petition reneges on the height agreement Forest City made with 
the community and city during the original University Park up-zoning;
e) The City should hold Forest City accountable for the prior commitment 
to establish and MAINTAIN the affordable housing that was part of the 
original negotiation with the neighborhood. The affordable housing we 
fought for back then is at risk;
f) There should be NO significant up-zoning allowed until the city 
prepares a citywide study of, and plans for, the massive development now 
being projected for Cambridge.

/The Cambridge Residents Alliance//is working for a livable, affordable 
and diverse Cambridge. /

/Visit us at CambridgeResidentsAlliance.org/


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Cambridge Residents Alliance
POBox 390422
Cambridge, MA 02139


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