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*Events and Hours*

Center for Marxist Education | 550 Mass Ave, Cambridge

*A Report From China*

A joint forum of the China Discussion Group and Center for Marxist Education

Saturday, January 18th – 3 to 5 PM

China has maintained high growth rates and relatively low unemployment
since the latest crisis of capitalism broke into the open in September
2008. The crisis continues to unfold, and capitalism is increasingly
challenging China on all fronts -- economic, political, military, cultural,
values. There is reason to compare today to 1939, as crisis impelled
imperialism towards attacking the Soviet Union.

The CME's Wadi'h Halabi reports on some extraordinary meetings and
discussions in China in October and early November. These extended to
discussions on rebuilding International Labor Defense, and expanding
education in Marxism and making it more effective.

*Insomnia Cookies Strike/ Organizing Campaign Fundraiser*

Wednesday, January 22nd – 7 PM

On August 18, employees of Cambridge's Insomnia Cookies struck. Their
demands included $15/hr, health care, and a union. Ever since workers have
stayed strong and maintained their strike, which has grown into an
organizing campaign at the boutique cookie business. Insomnia pays
rock-bottom wages, charging $1.35 for cookies that cost the company .10 to
make, and refuses to pay workers' compensation. Bike delivery workers
report that if they get hurt in traffic, the boss' response is, "Why are
you late?" The National Labor Relations Board has issued a Complaint
against Insomnia for illegally firing 4 striking workers. In November,
Insomnia falsely reported picketers were blocking the sidewalk in front of
the Cambridge store, giving Harvard and Cambridge police an excuse to bring
violence, and phony charges of assaulting cops, down on a union member.

If you are concerned about vanishing workers' rights, eroding civil
liberties and the chasm of inequality widening in our society, please
support this fund-raiser and the IWW Insomnia Cookies Workers' Union!


*"Nine Years of Anarchist Agitation: The History of the Boston
Anti-Authoritarian Movement (2001-2010)"*

A Discussion by author Jake Carmen

In the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks, and in the midst of the
sequent nationalist fervor, Boston radicals came together to form the
Boston Anarchists Against Militarism (BAAM) Coalition. Through interviews
and an extensive study of BAAM’s public statements, activities, and
publications, this history explores the evolution of BAAM from an anti-war
coalition into a general union of Boston anarchists. The lessons of the
past decade are useful to today’s generation of activists as they grapple
with the questions of political organization and activity in the struggle
against global capitalism.


*Sunday Film & Discussion Night*

Hosted by Richard Pendleton

Please join us on the following Sundays for showing of various movies and
documentaries followed by a discussion on the evening’s topic


Sunday, January 12th – 6 PM

George Orwell's landmark novel is the basis of this eerie, darkly satiric
tale whose futuristic world is divided into three sections following an
atomic war. London, capital of the Oceania sector, is where Winston (Edmond
O'Brien) is a clerk for "Big Brother," the totalitarian government that
keeps a close watch on all of its subjects. When Winston carries on a
forbidden love affair with Julia (Jan Sterling), officials try to brainwash
the couple into abandoning their free will. With Donald Pleasence, Michael
Redgrave; directed by Michael Anderson ("Around the World in 80 Days"). 91
minutes, English, B/W (1956).


Sunday, January 26th – 6 PM

As powerful and riveting as a John Le Carre thriller, *The Man Nobody
Knew* uncovers
the hidden life of legendary CIA spymaster William Colby. The consummate
American soldier-spy, Colby took on the government's dirtiest assignments
without question - until the day he defied presidential orders and revealed
to Congress the CIA's "family jewels" - their darkest, deepest secrets.
Told by his son Carl Colby and featuring a who's who of the intelligence
community as well as top journalists and writers, Colby's indelible story
unmasks the lies, myths, truths, sacrifices and causalities of a covert
spy.  104 minutes, English (2011).

*Coming in February:*

Saturday 2/1: Life and Thought of Louis-August Blanqui. Communist historian
Doug Enaa Greene will discuss the life and thought of the 19th century
French communist revolutionary Louis-Auguste Blanqui (1805-1881). Blanqui
organized many failed elite conspiracies to overthrow the French state and
bring about communism, spending half of his life in prison. Blanqui was
noted by friend and foe for his courage, dedication and utter commitment to
the communist ideal. 3 to 5 PM

Doug Enaa Greene is the author of a future of a book on Blanqui and Marx
entitled "Specters of Communism."


Wednesday 2/12: Public Meeting: What is Socialism? Hosted by the Boston

Sunday 2/16: Jeffrey Perry returns to discuss the life of Hubert Harrison.
3 to 5 PM

Wednesday 2/19: ASSATA: "Woman in Struggle". A discussion of a story of
oppression and resistance. The Center for Marxist Education will be hosting
an evening discussion on the case and the powerful autobiography of
long-time (and long-persecuted) revolutionary freedom fighter, Assata


February Films: *The Murder of Fred Hampton* and *Panther*

*Winter Hours*

Monday - 4pm to 8pm

Tuesday - 5pm - 9pm

Wednesday 4pm - 8pm

Thursday 5pm - 8pm

For updated information on hours and events please follow us on facebook at:


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