[act-ma] Thursday 01/16: "The Big Fix" - Free UPandOUT film screening [PassMass Amendment will lead a discussion after the film]

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Wed Jan 15 13:11:58 PST 2014

*NOTE: Representatives from PassMass amendment 
will be on hand to discuss after the film the next steps for 2014. PMA 
is getting into high gear, reorganizing for 2014.
(to amend our MA constitution -  to explicitly resolve that 
/Corporations are not people, Money is not speech/*)

/exposes the fact that our governments, both state and federal, are 
totally corrupted by a trans-national corporate oligarchy /


*The Big Fix

Showing Thursday, January 16, in Cambridge
[please download & distribute flyer 

_On April 22, 2010 the Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling rig sank into 
the Gulf of Mexico creating the worst oil spill in history. Until the 
oil well was killed on September 19th, 205 million gallons of crude oil 
and over 1.8 million gallons of chemical dispersant spread into the sea. 
By exposing the root causes of the spill, filmmakers Josh and Rebecca 
Tickell uncover a vast network of corruption. /*

The Big Fix*/ is a damning indictment of a system of government led by a 
powerful oligarchy that puts the pursuit of profit over all other human 
and environmental needs.

"/The film's scope is staggering, including its detailed outlining of 
BP's origins and fingerprints across decades of unrest in Iran. By doing 
smart, covert reporting that shames our news media, ...The Big Fix is a 
mandatory-viewing critique of widespread government corruption, with one 
of the film's talking heads remarking, 'I don't have any long-term hope 
for us [as a country] unless we find a way to control campaign 
financing.' And yes, the Koch brothers are major players in the 
fuckery./"  ~The Village Voice

"/With only 538 congress members, the ratio of lobbyists to congress in 
DC is almost 400-1. Lobbyists function as the razor-tooth guard dogs for 
big industry.'  But Big Oil uses a far more aggressive means of 
tightening its leash around congress's neck./" ~ The Big Fix

/"If you continue to believe in the fiction of the democratic system, 
then you're wasting your time./" ~/Chris Hedges/

"/The corporation as we know it was created as an instrument to control 
and colonize the resources of other people. It is an instrument of 
wealth transfer from the many to the few./" ~David Korten, Harvard prof, 
author of _When Corporations Rule the World_

"/This massive ascendancy of corporate power over democratic process is 
probably the most ominous development since the end of World War II, and 
for the most part 'the free world' seems to be regarding it as merely 
normal./'  ~Wendell Berry

"/Today the elected officials don't get elected unless they have huge 
war chests of money; most of that comes from corporations and almost all 
those corporations are closely tied with oil in one way or another./" 
... /"[oil companies, multinationals] don't follow any specific laws. 
They strike deals with whoever can best serve their immediate needs/." 
~John Perkins

/"...David and Charles Koch, two of the wealthiest oil men in America 
/[net worth'  44 billion]/;//during the last 10 years, they've given 198 
million dollars to pro-oil causes .... Of 1,216 people seeking election 
in America's mid-term elections, the Koch's successfully funded 1053 
winners." /

"/Here's the reality: you're sitting there as a billionaire; you're 
making money on wall street, you're making money - maybe you're Exxon 
Mobile. You can now contribute to some phony front organization which 
can then pour millions and millions and millions on television ads in 
support of campaigns all over this country. What it really is saying is 
that we are giving unbelievable power to a handful of people to control 
the politics and the nature of our democracy./"' ~Bernie Sanders

"/This documentary exposes the corruption that allowed BP to get away 
with the worst oil disaster in the history of the US. It investigates 
the use of extremely toxic dispersants to effectively hide the oil. It 
exposes the betrayal of specialists, scientists and technocrats who have 
sought to cover up the multi-generation damage this event has caused to 
the ecology of the 9th largest body of water on Earth. It exposes the 
fact that our governments, both state and federal, are totally corrupted 
by a trans-national corporate oligarchy. This documentary pulls no 
punches...//. At the screening I was in, one of the audience members 
actually had a panic attack." / ~Sean Keenan

///Toxic Corexit is still being dumped nightly under cover of darkness/.

doors open 6:40; film starts promptly 7pm
243 Broadway, Cambridge - corner of Broadway and Windsor,
entrance on Windsor
rule19.org/videos <http://rule19.org/videos>

Please join us for a stimulating night out; bring your friends!
*free film & free door prizes
****[donations are encouraged]
*feel free to bring your own snacks and soft drinks - no alcohol allowed

"/You can't legislate good will - that comes through education/." ~ 
Malcolm X

*UPandOUT film series* - see rule19.org/videos <http://rule19.org/videos>

Why should YOU care? It's YOUR money that pays for US/Israeli wars - on 
Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Palestine, Libya. Syria, Iran, So America, etc 
etc - for billionaire bailouts, for ever more ubiquitous US prisons, for 
the loss of liberty and civil rights...

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