[act-ma] Stand with Whistleblowers, Saturday (March 8th) , 1-3pm, Logan Airport Terminal E Arrivals

James O'Keefe jokeefe at jamesokeefe.org
Fri Mar 7 11:14:28 PST 2014

During the last few years, our federal government waged nothing less than a
war on whistleblowers.  From Chelsea Manning to Edward Snowden; from Jeremy
Hammond to the Associated Press.

The lucky few have merely had their lives turned upside down in witch
hunts.  Some such as Barrett Brown and John Kiriakou remain in jail for
their whistleblowing.  Others remain in exile fearful of their own
government's power and its willingness to silence them and the truths they
speak.  Still others, such as Aaron Swartz, we will never see again.

The Massachusetts Pirate Party will be at Logan Airport Terminal E Arrivals
area from 1:00 - 3:00 pm on Saturday March 8th, to pay tribute to these
courageous individuals.

Each of us will stand in silent protest holding a sign for a particular
whistleblower waiting for them to return to us and be recognized for the
great service they have done for the American people and the people of the

Map of where we will be at:


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