[act-ma] 3/21 & 3/22 Fair Trade Banana Conference in Boston, MA

Jennie Msall jennie.msall at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 14:03:57 PDT 2014

The banana industry is dominated by a handful of multinational companies
who are notorious for exploitation and greed. Most bananas are grown for
export on large plantations in Latin America. The monoculture production
methods used can destroy entire ecosystems, and the banana industry
consumes more agrochemicals than any other in the world, excepting cotton.
Small scale production is more sustainable but low prices have forced many
farmers out of the international market.

In 2006, three entrepreneurial organizations came together to create Oke
USA. Their goal was to introduce small farmer, fair trade bananas to the US
market. Today, Oke USA operates as the banana importing arm of Equal
Exchange. Together, Equal Exchange and our farmer partners are creating a
trade model that respects farmers, builds communities, and supports the

Join us to learn more about the issues facing banana farmers in Latin
America and the role fair trade can play in addressing them, as well as the
challenges of building small producer, fair trade supply chains.


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