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Thu Apr 10 17:51:16 PDT 2014

Dear All,

In 2012, HUCTW* member Johany Pilar was sexually harassed by a coworker,
and received retaliatory discipline for reporting it.  Workers and students
rallied around Johany with public
and an open letter <http://www.perspy.com/?p=1050> to the community signed
by 8 campus organizations and the Industrial Workers of the World. Johany
sued Harvard for sexual harassment, gender discrimination and retaliation.
She subsequently had the discipline removed from her file, and was promoted
three salary grades in June 2013.

Harvard has renewed the mistreatment of Johany. On 11/7/13, two HUMS**
managers loudly berated her in an office, repeatedly calling her a
trouble-maker, and one of them even physically prevented her from leaving
the room; he held the door handle so she couldn't exit. She was ordered out
of the workplace, another manager following closely behind her, making her
feel threatened. Johany had to take a short-term disability leave after
this incident. On 3/6/14, an HR Officer unlawfully directed Johany not to
discuss managers' acts against her with co-workers. Although Johany's
therapist has repeatedly written that Johany should be transferred out of
the department, Harvard has refused to do this. Johany's current supervisor
has started harassing her about medical appointments (he previously went on
record disputing Johany's claims of retaliation, and was rewarded with a
management position). Last week, HR demanded unnecessary documentation of
Johany's fitness for duty, compelling her to leave work and travel to her
health center by bus, train, and on foot, when she had already provided a
note indicating she could perform her job tasks without restrictions. When
she was unable to get the documentation which management demanded for
arbitrary reasons, she was allowed to go back to work anyway, proving the
additional note wasn't actually needed. The real point was to punish Johany
and push her around.

Please phone and email Harvard's Director of Labor and Employee Relations,
William Murphy, at (617) 496 9193,
bill_murphy at harvard.edu<%20bill_murphy at harvard.edu>.
Suggested message: "It is reprehensible that HUMS management continues to
harass HUCTW member Johany Pilar. I demand you use your influence to
arrange a transfer for Johany into an at least comparable position. End the
culture of victim-blaming and retaliation at Harvard!"

Johany's supporters will protest the campaign of intimidation against her
on Friday, April 18, starting at 5 pm. We will gather in front of Harvard's
Smith Campus Center (formerly Holyoke Ctr), at 1350 Mass Ave,
Square Red Line T stop). Please join us!An Injury to One is an Injury
to All!

In Solidarity,

Geoff Carens, Union Rep, HUCTW / AFSCME Local 3650
Delegate, Industrial Workers of the World

*Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers

**Harvard University Mail Services

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