[act-ma] 5/2 - MIT Climate Change Hack

George Mokray gmoke at world.std.com
Wed Apr 30 07:15:37 PDT 2014

FossilFreeMIT (http://www.fossilfreemit.org) is planning an action on Friday, May 2 and could use some help.

"Here's the story:

"MIT's campus sits a whole 9 feet above sea level. That means that, if a Hurricane-Sandy-strength storm were to hit again in 2050, the storm surge, on top of the projected sea level rise due to climate change, would put the majority of MIT's campus under about 3 feet of water.

"We're planning a campus-wide art installation to help everyone at MIT see what unchecked climate change and a continued reliance on fossil fuels would bring to our campus, and to make the connection between climate change action and fossil fuel divestment. Think blue. Think LOTS of blue. 

"Sign up at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ISYzIr0GM8RwMtvYY4J6l09GNUzsIrSeT8DUB7SjmrY/viewform 
to help between 12pm-3pm this Friday 5/2!

"I can't say much more right now, except that we need LOTS of help to pull this off. (We've cleared things with MIT Facilities, so there's no risk of getting in trouble.) This is our chance to make sure all of MIT knows about divestment, and if you've been waiting to get involved, now is the time! We'll send more information about the plan and where to meet if you sign up here.

"Thanks so much, and we really hope to see you this Friday!

"Patrick, with Fossil Free MIT"

P.S. The annual MIT Sustainability Summit is this weekend, 5/3-5/4, at the Media Lab. It's focused on coastal cities and their resilience to climate change. How relevant!

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