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I'm forwarding an invitation for two unique living/working opportunities -- one in Watertown and one in Savoy. I wanted to add that the invitations come from dear friends of mine and my husband's. Both of these are wonderful opportunities for someone/a couple ready for something new. Aravinda and Joseph are the newlyweds who had this tiny house built (video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vl-fGc7x5G0 ). Some of the recycled wood was from antique wooden organ pipes reclaimed from Joseph's organ restoration business mentioned in the opportunity below. 

They are people who are really walking the walk and are very involved with presenting Joanna Macy's work, The Work That Reconnects, as well as other heart-centered, earth-connecting programs. They are active in the Sustainable Business Network of Boston and 350ma.org. We know them from our work with the Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream symposium from the Pachamama Alliance. 

- Kerry Thompson, Lancaster, MA 

Living Revolution Housemates and Team Members 

We, Aravinda Ananda and Joseph Rotella, are seeking an individual or couple to join our Living Revolution team. Living Revolution is the name of a book that Aravinda is writing, but it is so much more than a book -- we intend for it to be a movement, a living revolution -- a fundamental transformation in humans' relationship with life through living new relationships and ways of being into existence. 

We face a crisis as the human species has never faced before. We are eroding the very conditions that support life on earth. We are headed for a massive collapse and the extinction of many species, quite possibly our own. If we are to change course, it entails a fundamental reorientation of humans' relationship with the web of life from the wasting to the regeneration of our planet. Living Revolution is about choosing to participate in paths of regeneration of the living community of life on earth. 

As part of the Living Revolution Team, we seek to live together and support each other in living the revolution in our lives and bring Living Revolution to the whole of humanity. 

Aravinda seeks a person or persons to help her with completing the book -- providing research assistance, proofreading, and general feedback. We are also seeking a person or persons to help us share Living Revolution with the world through various formats other than the book -- interactive workshops, gatherings and events that build the capacity for people to be a part of regenerating the web of life. This activity will be a bulk of the Living Revolution Team activity. 

Ideally we are looking for someone to live with us and work with us either full or part-time in our home in Watertown, MA. We can currently offer a private bedroom, or there is also the possibility of putting in a separate apartment in our basement where either we or other team members could live. In addition to our Watertown, MA home (suburban Boston), we are also partners at Starseed Healing Sanctuary in western MA where we are helping to develop a regenerative farm and holistic retreat center -- a place where we are living the revolution and offer programs to bring the revolution to others. 

In addition to shared living space, we can currently offer a part-time salary to someone as a CAL (Climate Action Liaison) for Joseph's pipe organ restoration company (Spencer Organ Company, Inc.). Our membership in the Climate Action Liaison Coalition is one of the ways we are working to live the revolution and bring it to the whole. 

As the Living Revolution team develops its work, we are looking to build several full-time livelihoods through this team, but for now can at least offer the part-time paid CAL position. 

Please be in touch with us if you would like to discuss this further: 
aravinda.ananda at gmail.com or JRotella at spencerorgan.com 

Live-in Caretaker/Farm Manager Couple 

We are also looking for a couple to live full time at Starseed in western, MA and help to establish and run a regenerative farm and center for living revolution programs. We can provide a completely furnished apartment and a share of income (more detail below) in exchange for work on the farm and center as well as doing some groundskeeping and management of rental bedrooms. 

We are looking for a couple to help establish and run a regenerative healing farm in western Massachusetts. We have been in the process of developing a farm for several years and seek live-in caretakers to help take this to the next step. We have large vegetable and herb gardens, and are looking to expand cultivation of both annual and perennial food crops as well as medicinal herbs. In the past year we have added berry bushes, fruit trees and a number of bee hives. We are looking for someone with permaculture experience or interests who would like to help us develop this farming venture. We intend to use the products grown for events at our center -- dinners, pickling and preserving classes, and classes on herbal preparations, so we are looking for a couple who would like to be involved on this end of a farm as well as the cultivation end. Our intention is to build a commercial kitchen to better serve this dream. 

This is a live-in position at an intentional community in Savoy, Massachusetts at Starseed Healing Sanctuary, Holistic Retreat Center, and Intentional Community. Additional responsibilities include managing some rental properties (three bedrooms rented on Air BnB, cleaning and preparing spaces and welcoming guests) and some groundskeeping and light building maintenance. We can offer a furnished apartment and a share of the profits from farm revenue and retreat rentals. 

This can either be a temporary position with a minimum commitment for the 2014 season (through October) or we especially invite you to apply and inquire if you are interested in joining the Starseed Community as partners in our team. For more information about Starseed, please visit the website at www.starseedsanctuary.org 

For more information about this position or to schedule an interview, please email Aravinda at aravinda.ananda at gmail.com. 

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