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*Events and Hours*

Center for Marxist Education | 550 Mass Ave, Cambridge

All Events are free and open to the public

*Tamara "Tania" Bunke*
Saturday, June 7th 3-5PM

Communist historian and author of a forthcoming book on Louis-Auguste
Blanqui will speak at the Center for Marxist Education on the
German-Argentine revolutionary Haydée Tamara Bunke Bider (aka Tania) as
part of the ongoing Red History Lecture Series
Tania was an internationalist volunteer from East Germany who traveled to
Cuba as a volunteer. Tania's revolutionary duty and spirit led her to
become part of Che Guevara's Bolivia's expedition, where she served as both
a spy and a guerrilla before falling in battle.


*Sandy Eaton on Single-payer Health*
Series 3rd of 4 classes
Monday June 9, 7-9 PM

The tectonic clashes and confluence of mighty economic forces have shaped
today’s US healthcare terrain. You can get as much health care as you can
afford. Hundreds of thousands now die unnecessarily each year as care
delivery is molded into an assembly line. Millions still succumb to medical
bankruptcy. Forces arise to oppose and repair the damage.
A reading list with links will be posted online on Facebook


*Readings for Radicals*
2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month - 7PM

A bi-monthly Wednesday night book discussion group, facilitated by Joe
Ramsey. Join us to discuss some of the important written works in the
radical left tradition, from marxist classics to more contemporary texts,
from political theory, to fiction and poetry.

June will focus on "Black Radical Writers month: from Richard Wright to the
Black Panther Party" and will meet on the 11th and 25th.

Recommended texts for the month would be: Richard Wright's "Uncle Tom's
Children" "Native Son" and "The Outsider" and Huey Newton's "Revolutionary
Suicide" as well as Bloom and Martin's "Black Against Empire."


*China Study Group *
*Report from Hanoi: The Ninth Conference of the World Association for
Political Economy*
Thursday 6/12 June 12 7-8:30PM

The World Association for Political Economy (WAPE) is an international
group of Marxist academics organized by a section of the Chinese Academy of
Social Sciences, based in Shanghai.  China Discussion Group coordinator
Duncan McFarland will attend and report on this year's meeting held in
Hanoi on May 23-25.  The conference, hosted by the Vietnam Academy of
Social Sciences, features the theme, "Inequality and world capitalism."
 Discussion will also cover topics such as international working class
solidarity and building WAPE in the US.FILMS: Sunday, June 14 and Sunday
June 28 6-8 p Richard

*Sunday Film & Discussion*
*Hosted by Richard Pendleton*
Sunday, June 15th - 6PM


This 1968 documentary shows some of the most important and controversial
black leaders of the late 60s, and is a must see for anyone interested in
sixties radicalism or the Panthers.  A cinema verite’  production by the
Panthers with the assistance of San Francisco Newsreel.   Black and White,
40 minutes. (1968)

*Political Prisoners and the Working Class*
A presentation from Tom Whitney

Saturday, June 21st 3-5 p.m.

Tom Whitney, a long time political prisoner defender, will lead a
discussion on political prisoners. After citing the examples of the Cuban
Five prisoners and political prisoners in Colombia, he will ask why
international solidarity, what's the role for humanitarian help, and do we
campaign for "emblematic" prisoners or all political prisoners.  To work
for selected prisoners may be how we participate in struggles those
prisoners represent. Tom will suggest also that solidarity with political
prisoners might be an entry-point for class-based activism on a larger
scale. We'll survey current efforts on behalf of political prisoners.
Some are calling for revival of an earlier tool: a dedicated, unified, and
internationally-oriented organization ready to promote and facilitate
working-class defense of victims of political struggle.  The session will
 be discussion, mostly. Literature will be available.


*Film Showing*
*For Marx*
Saturday, June 28th - 3-5PM

Svetlana Baskova’s For Marx (2012) deals with a group of foundry workers
struggling to set up an independent trade union in post-Soviet, capitalist
Russia while their boss tries to wring more profits from them in order to
add to his collection of modern art. With echoes of Eisenstein, Brecht, and
Godard, For Marx investigates the contemporary validity of the radical
political and aesthetic approaches that we have inherited from the past.
(106 Minutes, Russian with English Subtitles) **First screening of this
film in the United States**

*Sunday Film & Discussion*
Hosted by Richard Pendleton
Sunday, June 29th - 6PM


Based on the Pulitzer Prize winning book, this program tells the story of
two turbulent days in October, 1967. In Vietnam, a US battalion marched
into a Viet Cong trap killing sixty one young men. Half a world away, a
protest at the University of Wisconsin spiraled out of control. Told
almost-entirely by the people who took part in the events, this film offers
a window onto a moment that divided a nation and a war that continues to
haunt us. 90 minutes.

Center for Marxist Education Hours
Monday – 4-8
Tuesday – 4-8
Wednesday – 4-9
Thursday – 6-8

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