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DRONES: Free Online Screening on July 30th -- You'll Want to See This

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  DRONES: Free Online Screening on July 30th -- You'll Want to See This

By David Swanson

There's a chance to watch DRONES, the movie, online on July 30th and 
then to join a discussion with filmmakers and experts.  There's a 
preview video below. The movie's website is at http://dronesthefilm.com 
and the free screening is at http://demandprogress.tv/drones 

I saw a screening of this film back in November at the drone summit 
in DC. It's wonderful. I was a bit put-off and staggered, to be frank, 
at the time, because someone involved with the film bragged about how 
inexpensively it had been made, and yet the budget was so unfathomably 
huge that I knew that if an anti-war organization 
had that kind of money we could hire organizers all over the world and 
quite possibly make the abolition of war a major mainstream force.

And, of course, you can't simply ask if the money was well spent, 
because no one will say that it was spent to end the practice of drone 
murder. The director and the cast 
of course, say they wanted to make a socially important film about a 
serious issue, but not what they wanted to accomplish, beyond raising 
questions and being entertaining. Everyone's always happy to say that a 
film opposes racism or cruelty to animals or bullying, but not war.

But, you hundreds of millions of odd-balls who, like me, happen to give 
a damn whether your government is murdering people in your name with 
your money will, in fact, want to make this film a huge viral success.  
I'm telling you, right now, it's a good one.  It is indeed entertaining. 
It's not simple, predictable, pedantic, or preaching.  But neither is 
the film itself reluctant to face head-on the banal, evil, arrogant 
mass-murder engaged in by these young people who dress up in pilots 
suits to sit at desks in trailers taking orders from military 
bureaucrats and private contractors, and ultimately from a president who 
reviews a list 
of potential men, women, and children to murder on Tuesdays. *[aka: 
Assassination Tuesdays]*

Drones look like a golden opportunity to war makers who don't want to 
ask Congress or the U.N. or the public, don't want to send in armies, 
just want to target people and groups for death anywhere in the world 
and obliterate them with the push of a button from an air-conditioned -- 
or, sometimes not so air-conditioned -- office.

But drones also look like a golden opportunity to those of us who have 
been trying to point out that murder and war are distinguished only by 
scale.  I suspect that many who cannot see the bombing of a city as 
murder will see the drone-targeting of an individual as nothing else -- 
particularly if they watch this film 

If you can watch the film and not want to Ban Weaponized Drones 
watch it again.

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