[act-ma] Is Climate Change a Hoax?

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Wed Aug 27 12:04:13 PDT 2014

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> *Community Conversations on the great issues that shape our neighborhood
> and our planet*
> *[image: lobsterboat.jpg]*
> Dear Friends and Neighbors,
> Join us this September for a series of talks on Climate Change and
> Activism.
> You won't want to miss this lively and entertaining evening with *George
> Marshall* on *Thursday, September 4th at 7pm at First Church JP *as he
> reveals why our brains are wired to ignore climate change.
> Then on* Tuesday, September 9th at 7pm* we will gather together to *gear
> up for the the People's Climate March
> <#1481854df0bbaf3c_14817fba0c0ebe34_rally>* and hear a report back from
> the Lobster Boat Trial
> <http://act.ips-dc.org/site/R?i=LvtbypFWBl9thQsh2r_KWg>.   Come learn
> about local actions taking place and how people just like you are taking
> important steps to address climate change.
> Lastly, on *Wednesday, September 17th at 7pm,* local author and activist*
> Jim Vrabel <#1481854df0bbaf3c_14817fba0c0ebe34_history> *will launch his
> new book, A* People's History of the New Boston*
> <http://act.ips-dc.org/site/R?i=kpxeyfAoW2P3-wRn3mzG5w> at First Church
> JP.
> We hope you'll join us for these events as we prepare for the People's
> Climate March <http://act.ips-dc.org/site/R?i=O6VDfnwfr-DnrK1MEfLwNw> on
> September 21 in NYC.  Get your bus tickets here
> <http://act.ips-dc.org/site/R?i=rLcYK1H_WnuA-TGGUcm4hw> and make history
> now!
> See you around the neighborhood,
> Tracy Bindel
> *[image: Don't Even Think About It book cover]Climate Change: A Collective
> Crisis of Denial*
> *Thursday, September 4th, 7-8:30pm*
> *First Church JP (map
> <http://act.ips-dc.org/site/R?i=msTA5DENgoJ4w7wNVoE-lw>)**RSVP *
> *​via​*
> * email <info at jamaicaplainforum.org>*.
> "If climate change really is the “elephant in the room”, it is a pitch
> black room, and, like the blind men in Rumi’s ancient fable, we are all
> feeling different parts of it and drawing our own, culturally biased
> conclusions about what they might be." -George Marshall
> Join us for a fun and lively evening with George Marshall
> <http://act.ips-dc.org/site/R?i=U7W7vHTjkDBphMRhlxyFWA>as we explore one
> of most pressing questions of our time: why, even with overwhelming
> scientific evidence, do most people still not feel or accept the full
> threat of climate change?  We will also consider fresh and motivating ways
> to think about climate change.  This evening will be the first of a month
> long series dedicated to climate change and activism leading up to
> the People’s Climate March, the largest climate march in history. You won’t
> want to miss it!
> Hear tales of Texan Tea Party foot soldiers and Nobel prize winning
> psychologists among others from a man who has been described as “Al Gore
> and Woody Allen wrapped up in one.”  Marshall’s search to understand the
> striking reality of climate change denial promises to be super entertaining
> and soul challenging.
> Over the past 25 years George Marshall has worked at all levels of the
> environmental movement including as a senior campaigner for Greenpeace US
> and the Rainforest Foundation. Working through the Climate Outreach
> Information Network
> <http://act.ips-dc.org/site/R?i=bDni2fWnYxkI9kL0PMwcgQ>, the charity he
> founded in 2004, he has become one of the leading European experts in
> climate change communications. His new book, *Don’t Even Think About It:
> Why Our Brains are Wired to Ignore Climate Change,* will be released
> August 19th, 2014 and available for purchase at the event.
>  ------------------------------
> *Building a Movement of Movements: JP Gears up for the People's Climate
> March*
> *Tuesday, September 9th, 7-8:30pm*
> *First Church JP (map
> <http://act.ips-dc.org/site/R?i=3F511OWac5BJoHsTG1VLyA>)RSVP*
> *​ via ​*
> *Email <info at jamaicaplainforum.org>*
> *Join us on September 9th at First Church JP at 7pm to rally together as
> Jamaica Plain gears up for The People’s Climate March!*
> Be part of history in the making, as we build a movement for the long haul
> – with speakers, workshops, teach-ins, music, artful activism and community
> building happening all weekend from Sept 19-20th leading up to the People’s
> Climate March on September 21st,  the largest climate demonstration in
> history.
> Hear from local activists groups including BCAN, 350MA, ACE, SIEU and
> more.
> Bill McKibben, James Hanson, and Tim DeChristopher will be in town for a
> special visit after the Lobster Boat Trial.
> <http://act.ips-dc.org/site/R?i=M_ZcEn9aSTl0XZvd9eIkEg>
> ------------------------------
>  A People's History of the New Boston with Jim Vrable
> *Wednesday, September 17th, 7-8:30pm*
> *First Church JP (map
> <http://act.ips-dc.org/site/R?i=_mqDLqFZZmoH3bjapg2zsg>)*
> * ​ <http://act.ips-dc.org/site/R?i=OexqonbLwf45eJwqm-9ekg>rsvp by email
> <info at jamaicaplainforum.org?subject=RSVP%20for%204%2F9%20Bruce%20Seifer%20forum>*
> [image: unnamed-1] <http://act.ips-dc.org/site/R?i=z5C-DDIvSJdpPMohTdqqNw>Jim
> Vrabel comes to the JP Forum to discuss his new book, *A People’s History
> of the New Boston, *which provides a grassroots perspective on the
> tumultuous 1960s and 1970s, when residents of the city’s neighborhoods
> engaged in an era of activism and protest unprecedented in Boston since the
> American Revolution.
> Although Boston today is a vibrant and thriving city, it was anything but
> that in the years following World War II. Credit for the city’s turnaround
> is often given to a select group of people, all of them men, all of them
> white, and most of them well off. In fact, a large group of
> community activists, many of them women, people of color, and not very well
> off, were also responsible for creating the Boston of today.
> Using interviews with many of those activists, contemporary news accounts,
> and historical sources, Jim Vrabel describes the demonstrations, sit-ins,
> picket lines, boycotts, and contentious negotiations through which
> residents exerted their influence on the city that was being rebuilt around
> them. He includes case histories of the fights against urban
> renewal, highway construction, and airport expansion; for civil rights,
> school desegregation, and welfare reform; and over Vietnam and busing.
> Vrabel tallies the wins and, and shows how much of the legacy of that
> activism remains in Boston today.
> For more information or to buy the book online click here.
> <http://act.ips-dc.org/site/R?i=lB8uik5zFwwYbAKdceK6Ew>
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> Announcements...
> [image: Interns Wanted.jpg]
> *IPS Boston seeks Fall 2014 Interns *
> *Spread the word and APPLY TODAY!
> <http://act.ips-dc.org/site/R?i=ZVfRV-fL5IQ1khaXI9WnNQ>*
> The Jamaica Plain Forum (a project of IPS) and the Jamaica Plain New
> Economy Transition are seeking interns to help with *communications,
> marketing, publicity, and event coordination* for our vibrant
> neighborhood engagements. This is a great opportunity for someone looking
> for real-world marketing and communications experience for a great cause,
> and to work in one of the foremost progressive non-profits in the US.
> *Internships are unpaid. Hours are flexible, though office attendance on
> Tuesdays is preferred. Start and end dates are also flexible.**See full
> listing here*:http://www.idealist.org/view/internship/MWNhjH2ndGW4/
> <http://act.ips-dc.org/site/R?i=CtG2FMVdPJeF2TY9hVOOcw>
>  <http://act.ips-dc.org/site/R?i=m__CPg0UYmVBuFdDTXToww>*To apply: To
> apply for the Marketing, Communications and Outreach Internship please
> email a resume and cover letter to Tracy Bindel
> at info at jamaicaplainforum.org <info at jamaicaplainforum.org> with the name of
> the internship in the subject line. Additionally, if you have them, please
> submit one or two examples of marketing/publicity materials you have
> created or worked on. PDF strongly preferred.*
> I Love JP Volunteer Orientation[image:
> 10603492_10152260119548144_7044424961361755556_n.jpg]
> *Saturday, August 30th, 11am-12:00pm45 Brookside Ave, JP, MA 02130RSVP on
> Facebook <http://act.ips-dc.org/site/R?i=ZifDL0-DNXYetdWsQRkpqQ> or by
> email
> <info at jamaicaplainforum.org?subject=RSVP%20for%204%2F9%20Bruce%20Seifer%20forum>Light
> Refreshments Provided*
> *Get to know great people, earn local rewards, invest in relevant local
> work!*
> Join us at the Egleston Farmers Market
> <http://act.ips-dc.org/site/R?i=eR59-npZ42XSelVy-3XFfQ> for a quick
> orientation to all the volunteer opportunities available through the
> Jamaica Plain Forum, Jamaica Plain New Economy Transition and the Egleston
> Farmers Market.
> We will be launching a *volunteer rewards program* so come and check out
> the great events we have lined up for Fall 2014 and pick up a volunteer
> punch card.
> The first 20 volunteers to sign up at the orientation will receive $5
> Market Bucks. *Email info at jamaicaplainforum.org
> <info at jamaicaplainforum.org> to volunteer or if you have questions! *
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