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*Aug. 31, Million Mask Flyer Handout, Boston Common, 1:00pm*

This even is a lead up to the Million Mask March in NYC, 11/5


*Sept. 9, MA Democratic Gubernatorial Primary, *see editorial below.

*Sept. 17, OWS Anniversary http://occuevolve.com/ <http://occuevolve.com/>*

*Sept. 21, Climate March, NYC: http://peoplesclimate.org/march/

If you have comments, please post them here: http://www.occupyboston.org/

*after Sept. 1.*

*Electoral Occupy?*


More than most mass movements Occupy was and is riven by the question of
whether to participate in electoral politics.  Some of the opponents of
voting offer arguments that seem to say that voting is a kind of contagion,
as if questions of strategy come down to what makes you feel or not feel
dirty. Sounds silly, unless you believe in the Gaia principle, but sticking
with standard political reasoning for a minute:

Questions of electoral political strategy are less acute here in
Massachusetts, the belly of the health insurance beast (Sorry, Connecticut)
where a solid Democratic base makes the specter of spoiler candidates less
scary.  This is probably why the Green Party has had some success.  Here
are their candidates:

Green party candidates…. http://www.green-rainbow.org/

Nonetheless, what voting does do is take the attention away from the real
problem, which is, as usual, the system itself. It is not voting per se
that is the problem rather it is the winner take all electoral system which
like for profit healthcare doesn’t belong in a civilized world. We should
follow older wiser Europe and institute proportional representation,
instant runoff voting and nationalize the health insurance industry.

Short of succeeding from the union and creating bioregion states this is
not a problem that can be solved by DIY, disintermediation, or goat farms.
So if you want to change the system volunteer with these folks:


*But Who Should I Vote For?*

This gubernatorial primary get out the vote calls have begun. The state
employee labor unions are shilling for the candidate they assume will be
their new boss. The winner guarantees their contracts, they get out the
vote, the health insurance companies are assured of fat & excellent union
health insurance fees. The two left of liberal liberals swing at each
other.  One of those candidates has made a simple declaration in favor of
single payer healthcare.

Don Berwick: It is time to find a way to get to yes on a single payer
system in Massachusetts.

 The other two are offer:

Martha Coakly: Continue to bring down the cost of healthcare and energy.


Like the financial sector and the cheat on your taxes industry, the health
care industry plays a key role in keeping the 1% in power.  The fact that
does so by sucking the life blood out of those it purports to help while
making a mockery of Christ the Healer, well, such is life in America.


We could all follow Walter White’s example and when the health insurance
companies have us in their death grip, go over to the dark side, create
more death, more sickness. But we have pharmaceutical companies for
that---wouldn’t it make more sense to nationalize the drug trade and use
the profits to fund a healthcare system? If drugs, like cannabis, really
are only being used for medicinal purposes (LMAO), don’t they belong under
the purview of a nationalized healthcare system? Wouldn’t we all feel a
little safer if some entity under at least nominal democratic control were
in charge of the drugs, as opposed to Gus, Walt, Mike and Jesse? Or we
could just wait until countries like Uruguay have us by our drug addict
short hairs.

But I digress. The moment has come.  This editorialist is with brother
Malcolm, “By any means necessary.”


The struggle for universal healthcare coverage has been waged incrementally
and electorally. Generations of liberals have slowly increased the health
insurance companies’ market share by creating a system of fee-based
rationing the complexity of which is rivaled only by Title 26, the 17
volume federal tax code. Nobody understands either one and yet
participation in both is mandatory.

*Stop the Bleeding*.

If Don Berwick even hints that he can stop funding the health insurance
companies he deserves a chance.

Vote for Don Berwick and the Green party candidates. If you feel kind of
sick afterwards, wash your hands. It’s the right thing to do.

"Our goal is a society that prioritizes the needs of all before the profits
of the few." passed by Occupy Boston General Assembly 11/29/11

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