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Fri Oct 3 02:36:04 PDT 2014

Dear All,

Today (Friday 10/3) at 9 a.m., IWW member Jason Freedman has a hearing at
Cambridge District Court, 4040 Mystic Valley Parkway in Malden. Almost a
year ago on November 14, Jason was attacked by the Cambridge Police
as he participated in a legal and peaceful union picket.* Jason still faces
charges including assaulting a cop, although the only assault that occurred
was by the police on him. Jason is taking his case to trial (the only
"deal" he's been offered would leave him with a criminal record and
diminished employment opportunities). Please come support him! The number
of people who show up at his court appearances will influence how Jason is
treated. The Facebook event is here

The court is a ten minute walk
from Wellington Station on the MBTA's Orange Line.

A little later today, you're invited to join the IWW in supporting
canvassers from Portland Oregon, fired for organizing to improve their
jobs. Workers at Grassroots Campaigns Inc (GCI) formed a union, the United
Campaign Workers
in response to poverty pay, impossible quotas, meager training and blatant
disrespect. Workers' demands included $15/hr, health care, overtime pay,
and sick leave. The company retaliated by shutting down its Portland
operation, laying off employees with no notice and just two days' wages!

GCI has headquarters in Boston. Please help us send the message that local
activists support the United Campaign Workers and back them in this
struggle. We'll gather at 186 Lincoln Street
Boston (a short walk from the Chinatown Orange Line T station), for
informational picketing starting at 1 pm. For the Facebook event, click here

In Solidarity,

Geoff for the Industrial Workers of the World

*The picket supported IWW members fired for going on strike at Insomnia
Cookies. The strike ended with cash settlements and offers of re-employment
to IWW's.

**Affiliated with the IWW.

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