[act-ma] 11/06 FINDING HUMANITY:, Courage and Compassion in Times of War

Charlie Welch cwelch at tecschange.org
Wed Oct 29 23:14:28 PDT 2014

Courage and Compassion in Times of War

The Technology and Culture Forum's
50th Anniversary Forum

Thursday, November 6

MIT Building 32 Room 123 <MIT%20Building%2032%20Room%20123>
Vassar St. near Main St and the Kendal T stop

How do people maintain their humanity during war? How do we rebuild 
ethical and meaningful lives after a conflict? Why do some people see an 
act of great moral courage as the only possible option, while others 
find it unthinkable?

Kristen Renwick Monroe
Director, Interdisciplinary Center for the Scientific Study of Ethics 
and Morality; Professor of Political Science and Philosophy, University 
of California, Irvine

Kieran Setiya
Respondent; Professor of Philosophy, MIT

Political psychologist Kristen Renwick Monroe invites her students to 
explore these questions alongside her through in-depth interviews with 
survivors of conflicts across the globe, from the Armenian genocide and 
the Second World War through more recent conflicts in Vietnam, Cambodia, 
Nicaragua, Uganda, Lebanon, Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq. Through this 
work, she engages young people in a process that draws on both their 
intellectual and emotional intelligence to forge a deeper understanding 
of ethics and moral psychology.

The Technology and Culture Forum
50th Anniversary Celebration
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