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Sun Nov 9 11:42:58 PST 2014

[posting on behalf of a friend]

Dear Friends,

On this journey we are on, no passengers: only crew and we need all hands
on deck now. On Behalf of Planet Earth is partnering now with
Capedownwinders http://capedownwinders.org/, to close Pilgrim Nuclear Power
Plant      now. (Official name is Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station.)

There is no safe dose of radiation
. We are all downwinders.

Please, come to a meeting on Sunday, November 16 at the Democracy Center
in Cambridge, 7:30PM-9PM, 45 Mt. Auburn Street.  Hear what we are planning
to do to close Pilgrim now and come with your ideas and bring friends.
Members from Capedownwinders will talk to us at the meeting. WE NEED YOU
NOW.  Here are directions to the Democracy Center.

We will be vigiling weekly at Senator Markey's office, located in the JFK
Building, 15 New Sudbury Street. We had a cordial meeting with an aide
recently to ask the Senator to make a public statement that we must close
Pilgrim now. And also to make a public statement about Fukushima. We are
planning to meet with the entire MA congressional delegation to ask them to
do the same. We have already contacted Rep. Michael Capuano's offce and
Rep. Joe Kennedy is next on our list. After that, we will meet with local
state representatives and senators.

Vigils will be weekly on Thursdays, 8:45AM-9:15AM.  We will have signs

It is a short walk from Park Street Station to the JFK Bldg. office.
(Government Center T stop closed)Walk down Tremont Street, toward
Government Center and you are there. It is a high rise building, on the
right hand side as you walk down Tremont, right next to government plaza.

The Pilgrim nuclear reactor is the same design as Fukushima Diachii in
Japan, where a meltdown of three of the plant's six nuclear reactors
occurred on March 11, 2011.  Very large amounts of radioactive material
continue to be released from the plant, including 300 tons of radioactive
water/day into the Pacific Ocean. Pilgrim is also a General Electric Mark 1
design, a boiling water reactor (BWR). One of every eight Mark 1 reactors
have exploded and released massive radioactive contamination into our
environment.There is no safe dose of radiation. There are over 75 thousand
people within 10 miles of Pilgrim and nearly five million  within 50
miles.  Untitled_3.pdf

Nuclear waste contains some of the most toxic substances known to
humankind and there is no place to put it. It is said to last at least
200,000 years. Is this the legacy we want to leave to our children,
grandchildren, great grandchildren and out way more than seven
generations.  Here is a fact sheet by Beyond Nuclear, about nuclear power
and children

Here is a fact sheet by Nuclear Information and Resource Service
(NIRS)"Nuclear Power and Climate: Why Nukes Can't Save the Planet"

On April 7, 2014, Dr. Richard Clapp, Professor Emeritus of Boston
University, School of Public Health, wrote to Diane Turco, co-founder of
Cape Downwinders that "...when I was Director of the Massachusetts Cancer
Registry in the 1980's, we noted that the incidence of leukemia in Plymouth
and surrounding towns was significantly higher than the state average rate.
Although less frequent than leukemia, we also noted that thyroid cancer was
elevated above the state average in these same towns. These findings were
consistent with documented radiation releases from the plant in the early
to mid-1970s. As the result of these statistical excesses, a formal
case-control study of leukemia in Southeastern Massachusetts was conducted
by the Department of Public Healht....The results of this study, published
in a peer-reviewed scientific article in 1996, were that there was a nearly
four-fold excess of leukemia in those who lived or worked near the Pilgrim
plant. More recent cancer statistics form the Massachusetts Cancer Registry
indicate that there was a continuing excess of leukemia in Plymouth through
the years 2000-2009."

We will also be in communication with Massachusetts Peace Action about
this work.

Any questions and/or for more info contact sheilaruthparks AT comcast.
net or call 617 744 6020


We are looking forward to seeing you there and working together to close
Pilgrim now,

For On Behalf of Planet Earth: Sheila Parks, Cornelia Sullivan, Jean
Miller, Joe Kebartas, Pat Ferrone, Eric Zinman

Sheila Parks, Ed.D.
On Behalf of Planet Earth
Watertown, MA
sheilaruthparks at comcast.net
617 744 6020

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