[act-ma] Defend Tibet and all of China from imperialist so-called “Students for a Free Tibet” Protest Today Sat Nov 29 114

David Rolde davidrolde at comcast.net
Sat Nov 29 13:51:51 PST 2014

Protest Today Saturday November 29th approximately 6:30pm-9pm 
Outside the VFW, 114 Mystic Ave, Medford, MA 

Defend Tibet and all of China from imperialist so-called “Students for a Free Tibet” ! 

The people of Tibet are already free as part of the People’s Republic of China which liberated them from serfdom! 

The U.S. regime and its allies (including the regimes of the other NATO countries; the Zionist colonial regime ruling over Palestine; and the Arab monarchies of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and Kuwait) oppress and slaughter people all over the world. The “U.S.A.” exists on stolen land rightly belonging to indigenous Native American Indians who European colonists and the U.S. regime almost wiped out; many of the survivors are impoverished and relegated to reservations. The U.S. regime also illegitimately occupies Puerto Rico, Hawaii and other territories and oppresses the indigenous populations there. In the wealthy capitalist so-called “U.S.A” tens of millions of people are forced to live in poverty. Racist police all over the “U.S.A” kill Black people (whose ancestors were brought here from Africa as slaves) with impunity and round up millions of Black people, Latinos, indigenous people and working class white people to put in concentration camps: for-profit slave labor prisons. In Palestine, the Zionist occupation regime keeps indigenous Palestinians confined to walled-in ghettos in which they are starved, bombed and poisoned. In recent decades the U.S. military and its allies and hired mercenaries have conducted genocidal bombing campaigns and military invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Lebanon, Rwanda, Congo, Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria and other countries. This year the U.S. government sponsored a Nazi coup in Ukraine that has instigated a bloody civil war that the U.S. government and NATO are threatening to use as a pretext to militarily attack Russia. In the Pacific, the U.S. is sending more military forces to Japan, the Philippines, U.S.-occupied southern Korea, and other places to threaten China and communist free northern Korea. 

But instead of protesting against all this evil perpetrated by the U.S. regime and its allies, so-called “Students for a Free Tibet” channels American college students to protest against China instead. The CIA and the imperialist western corporate media have been inundating the American public with anti-China propaganda for many decades. Because it takes courage to stand up against the policies of our own government and its allies, it is easy to channel American students to protest against China instead. In the racist rightwing social environment of the “U.S.A” it is more socially acceptable to protest against China than against the actions and existence of the “U.S.A’ and “Israel”. 

The reality is that the communist anti-imperialist revolution of 1949 freed China from the plundering regime of British neo-colonial rule. Since then the revolutionary People’s Republic of China has succeeded in instituting enormous improvements in the standards of living for the people of China including Tibet. The People’s Republic of China is governed by a communist party that works for the interests of the people of China including Tibet. The People’s Republic of China is a progressive anti-imperialist force that opposes the interests of the western multi-national monopoly-capitalist corporations that rule the “U.S.A.”. 

In the Tibetan region of China before the revolution most Tibetans lived under a brutal system of serfdom. Everything that Tibetan serfs produced was appropriated by feudal lords. Tibetan serfs could be sold as chattel. The British regime, which had militarily invaded Tibet in 1904, did nothing to help Tibetans. In the 1950s the People’s Republic of China (PRC) allowed regional autonomy in the Tibetan region for feudalism to continue as long as national defense and security could be controlled by the PRC. But the PRC also built roads and modern infrastructure in the Tibetan region and hired Tibetan workers at fair wages to work on these projects. Some of the feudal lords in Tibet thought that they might lose their unjust feudal privileges, so they collaborated with the U.S. regime and CIA to create a U.S.-armed terrorist army, trained in Colorado, to be airlifted into Tibet to attack China and try to separate Tibet from China. They wanted Tibet to be a feudal neo-colony of the U.S. regime. This plan (like the later U.S. “Bay of Pigs” invasion of Cuba) failed. Some of the Tibetan wealthy feudal lords left China and went to India, where they formed a small community of rightwing pro-U.S. anti-China Tibetan separatists. They are similar to rightwing Cubans in Miami. The rightwing Tibetan community in India and their symbolic leader the Dalai Lama were financed by the CIA. Their anti-China pro-U.S. pro-capitalist propaganda has been financed by the CIA and western corporate foundations ever since then. The CIA and other western so-called intelligence agencies conduct covert terrorist attacks in China to this day. 

So-called “Students for a Free Tibet” work for the interests of the CIA, the U.S. government, billionaire owners of western multinational monopoly capitalist corporations, and rightwing Tibetan expatriates from former feudal serf-owning land-owning aristocratic families. So-called “Students for a Free Tibet” work against the interests of millions of Tibetans in China. So-called “Students for a Free Tibet” - because they oppose China, and because they distract student activists from protesting against real war and oppression perpetrated by the U.S. regime and its allies – are really supporting the U.S.-based monopoly capitalist imperialist system which is conquering and destroying this planet. 

For more on Tibet see http://www.michaelparenti.org/Tibet.html and http://www.workers.org/ww_books/Workers_World_Tibet.pdf and http://history.state.gov/historicaldocuments/frus1964-68v30/d337 

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