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*January Events and Hours*
Center for Marxist Education | 550 Mass Ave, Cambridge | 2nd Floor
 *New Year's Open House & Potluck*

Thursday, January 1st – 12-3pm

Join us at the Center for Marxist Education as we ring in another year at
our Annual New Year's Day Open House!
Wadi'h Halabi will briefly outline two sea changes in the world that give
reason for increased working class confidence. And we'll report on programs
and efforts we're working on, in the CME and out.
We will be open from Noon - 3pm. Stop in to see what we've been up to in
2014 and feel free to bring your favorite dish or drink to share.
 *Red History Lecture Series*

*POUM: Those Who Would?*

Saturday, January 3rd – 3-5pm

Nearly 80 years ago, the Spanish Civil War began following a fascist
military coup against the Republic. The resulting war unleashed a far
reaching revolution and ignited the passions of the left, and even today,
the causes of defeat remain hotly debated. Could the left-wing party, the
POUM have provided the leadership necessary to bring a different
outcome?Communist historian Doug Enaa Greene will lead a discussion on the
history of the POUM and the lessons to be drawn for today.

 *China Discussion Group*

*Film Screening: "Tibet, the Truth"*

Thursday, January 8th -7:00pm

Chris Nebe's 2013 documentary provides historical background on Tibet not
often considered: the dynastic marraige with the Chinese Tang Dynasty in
the 7th century and the rise of the Dalai Lama and the yellow hat sect
during the 14th century Ming Dynasty. British colonialism promoted the
independence of Tibet in the 19th century to incorporate it into the
British Empire, and the theocratic ruling class was the basis of the 1959
Tibetan revolt. Sixty minute film will be followed by discussion.
 *Sunday Film Night*

*Doctors of the Dark Side*

Sunday, January 11th – 6:00pm
Doctors of the Dark Side exposes the scandal behind the torture scandal —
how psychologists and physicians implemented and covered up the torture of
detainees in US controlled military prisons. The stories of four detainees
and the doctors involved in their abuse show how essential doctors have
been to the torture program. Director Martha Davis (Interrogation
Psychologists) spent four years investigating the controversy and produced
the documentary with an award-winning team that includes Oscar-winners Mark
Jonathan Harris (Writer) and Mercedes Ruehl (Narrator), and Emmy-winner
Lisa Rinzler (Director of Photography). 72 minutes.
Post-film discussion led by Sandy Eaton, RN.
 *Why the Capitalists Are So Weak: An Introduction to Marxist World
Political Economy*

Saturday, January 24th – 3-5pm

Capitalism has the weapons to destroy the world a few thousand times over.
But it is too weak to stop the destruction of environment and society which
threatens humanity. This presentation looks at reasons why, in what is
effectively an introduction to Marxist international political economy. Led
by Wadi'h Halabi of the Center for Marxist Education and the Economics
Commission of the CPUSA. Based on presentations in China.
 *Sunday Film Night*

*Which Way Home*

Sunday, January 25th – 6:00pm

Traversing more than 1450 miles upcountry Mexican freight trains routinely
are boarded by migrants hoping to reach America. Among the thousands who
ride the trains many are children traveling alone. They come from all over
Mexico and Central America risking everything for the chance of a better
life. Academy Award-® nominee WHICH WAY HOME follows some of these
unaccompanied children as they make the long and treacherous voyage to the
U.S. border. Some like Olga and Freddy venture out in search of distant
relatives. Others like Kevin hope to find work to support their families at
home. Often traveling for months or even years at a time these courageous
and determined children each have stories of hope and resilience
disappointment and sorrow. Chronicling the harrowing journey of thousands
of migrant children WHICH WAY HOME illuminates a powerfully human side of
immigration. Spanish with English subtitles, 90 minutes.

*Women & Marxism*

*International Women's Day: A History*

Tuesday, January 27th – 7-9pm

Dicussion on the history and importance on International Women's Day which
falls on March 8th each year. Ideally this discussion will also result in
brainstorming for an action to take place in March.
 *The Crisis of Greek Capitalism and Political Perspectives Today*

Saturday, January 31st – 3-5pm

Since the 2008 Great Recession, the Greek capitalist class has mortgaged
the country to the EU banks, and are forcing the workers and youth to foot
the bill through massive unemployment and drastic austerity cuts. A
deep economic
and social crisis has led to polarization to the right and left, and the
sudden emergence of SYRIZA as a powerful new force in the mass movement.
What are the prospects for Greece today?
 *Center for Marxist Education Hours*
In addition to our event times we are open the following evenings:
Monday – 4-8
Tuesday – 4-8
Wednesday – 4-8
Check our Facebook to see which other days we will be open this winter!

The Center has been made possible for over 4 decades by volunteer time and
contributions from you. If you wish to help us keep the Center going and
new books coming in, donations can be made by sending a check made out to
mailed to:
Center for Marxist Education
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