[act-ma] Boston Vigil in Solidarity with Manus Island Detainees

litu lituk at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 23 11:16:52 PST 2015

 Boston Vigil in Solidarity with ManusIsland Detainees

6pm Monday 26January 2015

Outside the WHotel, 100 Stuart Street, Boston


This candle light vigil outsidethe ‘Australia Day Boston Dinner’ calls attention to the Australia’s governmenttreatment of asylum seekers at its off-shore detention facility on ManusIsland, Papua New Guinea.

The vigil stands in solidaritywith the approximately 900 asylum seekers on Manus Island on a large-scalehunger strike in protest of Australian and PNG government plans to permanentlysettle refugees in PNG. The hunger strike began on the 13 January and therehave been numerous self-harm and suicide attempts as part of the protests withasylum seekers sewing their lips together, swallowing razor blades andingesting detergent.

In a letter to the Australiapeople asylum seekers on Manus Island write: ‘We can tell you today this is enough, 18 monthsof suffering here. You claim humanity and justice, but there is none of thishere. We want to ask what kind of case takes more than 18 months to resolve? Weare not toys for you to play with and not animals to imprison us here. We cansay that when we woke up today, we are resolved to die here in order to bringback our dignity and our freedom.’

The vigil calls on theAustralia government to close the Manus Island Regional Processing Centre.


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