[act-ma] Act-MA snow updates and Rule 19 calendar smart phone viewing

Charlie Welch cwelch at tecschange.org
Tue Jan 27 07:55:29 PST 2015

Happy snowed in day!
A couple of notes about Act-MA.

If you listed an event on act-ma and are cancelling it for snow or any 
other reason, it a good idea to send a cancellation notice to the list.

**Finding out whats happening using your smart phone.*

Most of the events listed on the Act-MA email list are also posted to 
the Rule 19 calendar.

This link may come in handy.


It pulls a calendar up the current weeks events.   It's much quicker and 
more manageable to view on a smart phone.

There is one minor quirk to note.  It shows the "Week of 12/24/1899" at 
the top though all the daily information is correct.  You can do a quick 
reality check by clicking on the "Week View" link and the date will be 
corrected and the current day highlighted.

To see next weeks events click on the ">" just above Sat.

We will add this link to the Act-MA Website <http://www.act-ma.org/>

As noted previously, thanks to a suggestion by a user, the view provided 
by this link


gets you to the most recent postings on Act-MA.

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