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   The US Social Forum is happy to formally announce that our registration for the first offical polycentric US Social Forum is OPEN!!! Our website is up and we are ready and roaring to go. 

You can check out our new diggs here: 

 <https://www.ussocialforum.net/> https://www.ussocialforum.net/

And you can register for the US Social Forum here: 

 <https://www.ussocialforum.net/registration> https://www.ussocialforum.net/registration

This year's Forum takes place in three locations and there are two registration options for people planning to attend:

You can either

Register as an individual <https://www.ussocialforum.net/sites/all/modules/civicrm/extern/url.php?u=1371&qid=1023052>  and select the Forum site you're planning to attend


Register as an organization <https://www.ussocialforum.net/sites/all/modules/civicrm/extern/url.php?u=1372&qid=1023052>  and register either three people (for $125) or 10 participants (at $200)

If you register as an organization, participant can attend the Forum at different sites. Organizations that register may go on to apply for a workshop <https://www.ussocialforum.net/sites/all/modules/civicrm/extern/url.php?u=1373&qid=1023052>  or People's Movement Assembly <https://www.ussocialforum.net/sites/all/modules/civicrm/extern/url.php?u=1374&qid=1023052> . Workshops require two organizational sponsors. PMAs require four.

Remember that you can also register for the Forum in person but we encourage you to register as soon as you can. That will allow organizations to propose workshops or PMAs (that registration process will close in April) and it also supports our organizing the Forum since the event is mainly funded through registrations. We do not turn people away from the Social Forum if they can't pay.

For questions, please email info at ussocialforum.net <mailto:info at ussocialforum.net> .

Also, check out our facebook page for ongoing developments and updates: 

 <https://www.facebook.com/ussocialforum> https://www.facebook.com/ussocialforum









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