[act-ma] 2/27 Year of struggle in the Bolivarian Revolution - Permanent Coup

Charlie Welch cwelch at tecschange.org
Thu Feb 26 11:47:01 PST 2015

 From Jorge Marin <cbmlkboston at hotmail.com>

*Please join us to review a year of struggle in the Bolivarian 
Revolution. Permanent Coup.*

*When: February 27, 2015*
*Where: Encuentro5 at 9A Hamilton Place, Boston, MA 02108-4701. *
*Time: Starts at 6:30pm.*


Presented by the Venezuelan Consul-General: Noel Martinez
Facilitators: Vanesa Matamoros and Jorge Marin

In February of 2014 the opposicion in Venezuela changed strategies and 
began a series of street protests right out of the Ucranian play-book. 
With sharp-shooters and well trained demonstrator, in colaboration with 
international media outlets, the goal was to make the demonstrator 
appear peaceful and the regime appear repressive. Once public opinion 
was in their favor, the next step was to call for international 
intervention. But after 43 people were killed and the truth was spread, 
the tide began to change. Hear a re-count and an update from the 
Venezuelan Consul General of what the situation was and what has 
developed since then.


*Please join us to share your thoughts and experiences remembering the 
leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chavez Frias.*

*When: March 5th, 2015*
*Where: Encuentro5 at 9A Hamilton Place, Boston, MA 02108-4701*
*Time: Starts at 6:30pm.*

Presented by friends of the Bolivarian Revolution
Facilitators: General Consul Noel Martinez, Vanesa Matamoros and Jorge Marin

On the second anniversary of the passing of our leader, President Hugo 
Chavez Frias, we call on all our friends to come and share some of their 
personal experiences when visiting Venezuela and the social missions, or 
when you met Chavez, or how it affected you his speeches, his 
personality. All are welcome to share their experiences.

Hope to see you there.
Jorge Marin

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