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This Sunday, January 31st, Katrina Roadhouse with Ralph Tufo.
The “Katrina Roadhouse” is a musical about the aftermath of Hurricane 
Katrina & its impact on a group of patrons in a New Orleans roadhouse 
during the storm. Ralph Tufo will give a synopsis of selected scenes, 
accompanied by songs played by members of his Cajun ensemble, the 
Squeezebox Stompers.

Ralph Tufo, eminent Cajun musician on the Boston scene brings us a 
reading of his play, “Katrina Roadhouse,” a fictional account based on 
his experiences traveling numerous times to New Orleans in the aftermath 
of the hurricane to do volunteer relief work. Musical selections from 
the play are accompanied by his own amazing accordion playing, with 
members of his band, the Squeezebox Stompers.

Community Church of Boston
565 Boylston St. (Copley Square above Globe Restaurant)
Boston, MA 02116

11 AM followed by lunch

Look What's Happening in  February!
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CCB February Program Highlight:

     Feb. 6 brings us longtime anti-nuclear activist Sheila Parks, 
speaking about the closing of the Pilgrim Plant in Plymouth, and its 
consequences for Massachusetts and the nation.
     Feb. 14 is an enormous joyful homecoming: Rev. Jason Lydon, our 
former minister, will update us on Black and Pink, the organization he 
founded, that sets-up pen-pal correspondence with thousands of LGBTQ 
prisoners throughout the US and beyond, and prints a monthly newsletter 
that goes out to more than 7000 subscribers behind bars.
     Feb. 21, will bring us Liza Behrendt, brilliant young 
representative and staff person from Jewish Voice for Peace.
     And finally, Feb. 28 is our annual W.E.B. DuBois lecture. We 
welcome our own Christle Rawlins-Jackson, CCB’s Office and Publications 
Manager who will take us on a visual journey to experience Ghana’s Slave 
Forts and we’ll visit the final resting place of DuBois in the country’s 
capital, Accra.
     Our program committee invites you to be part of this marvelous 
month of February, and to also check out the rest of the season, which 
brings us a wealth of voices for Peace and Justice, both spoken and 
musical. David Rovics on March 11 & 13, Padraig O’Malley on March 27, 
Jeff Perry on April 17…plus a host of marvelous musical guests. JOIN US!!
Don't miss this Sunday's program!

Look What's happening on Sundays this February:

On Sunday,  February 7th: “The Horrific Dangers of Pilgrim Nuclear Power 
Station and Some Solutions” with Sheila Parks.  Music by CommUnity Voices.
All Nuclear power plants emit radiation 24/7 which goes into our bodies, 
food, water, soil, air - everything. Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, in 
Plymouth is rated as one of three of the worst nuclear power plants in 
the country. Sheila Parks will give some solutions and information on 
how we can shutdown it down?

On Sunday, February 14th:  “If We Love Our People We Will Set Them Free” 
with Rev. Jason M. Lydon. Music by Bird Mancini
The US incarcerates more people than anywhere else in the world. In 
Massachusetts there are over 23,000 people in prison. Since its 
inception both reformists and abolitionists have fought against the 
prison system. We will discuss some of the current campaigns going on 
and address some of the tensions between reformists and abolitionists.
Join us, Sunday, February 21st:“Justice for Palestine: How Jewish 
Communities & Churches Act in Solidarity” with Liza Behrendt. Music by 
Aliya Cycon and Ghassan Salwahi
How does Jewish Voice for Peace organize its community while many Jewish 
institutions actively support Israeli violence? How has church 
divestment become a game-changer in national solidarity activism?  And 
how does Islamophobia and racism factor into our organizing? This talk 
will focus on the role of U.S. Jews and churches.
On Sunday, February 28th:  Annual W.E.B. DuBois Lecture: “From Fort to 
Fort: Ghana’s Unabating Reminder of the Transatlantic Slave Trade” with 
Christle Rawlins-Jackson. Music by Fulani Haynes and Michael Shea
There were over 70 slave forts built along the Gold Coast. Ironically, 
the Gold Coast would later become the first independent country in 
Africa called Ghana and the first president, Kwame Nkrumah would become 
a leader in the Pan-Africanist movement. We’ll take a visual journey to 
see some of the surviving forts that serve as reminders of the brutality 
of the slave trade and how the foundation of a capitalist system was 
built through slave labor.

• The Rise and Fall of Colonial Capitalism,  join Gerry Scoppettuolo on 
Saturday, January 30 at 4pm at the Action Center, 284 Amory Street, 
Jamaica Plain at the Brewery Complex, near Stony Brook Stop on the 
Orange Line will be a discussion concerning the underlying truth about 
Puerto Rico’s $90 billion debt, that is actually are foreign 
corporations who are operating in Puerto Rico, which owe the people of 
Puerto Rico. The country is in a position of political subordination, 
this position impedes economic development of the island’s independence 
that could open the door to development, as a result, Puerto Rico is in 

• Jobs With Justice 2016 National Conference from    February 12 - 
February 13, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency, 400 New Jersey Ave NW, 
Washington, District of Columbia 20001. Join Jobs With Justice for two 
days of incredible workshops, trainings and collaboration! The 
conference is a great opportunity for activists, organizers, researchers 
and leaders and staff of unions, worker centers and community and labor 
organizations to come together to celebrate our victories, exchange 
innovative ideas and our experiences and continue to build together 
toward a powerful future! For more information go to 

Upcoming Event: David Rovics in Concert at CCB

David Rovics grew up in
a family of classical musicians in Wilton, Connecticut, and became a fan 
of populist regimes early on. By the early 90’s he was a full-time 
busker in the Boston subways and by the mid-90’s he was traveling the 
world as a professional flat-picking rabble-rouser. These days David 
lives in Portland, Oregon and tours regularly on four continents, 
playing for audiences large and small at cafes, pubs, universities, 
churches, union halls and protest rallies. He has shared the stage with 
a veritable who’s who of the left in two dozen countries, and has had 
his music featured on Democracy Now!, BBC, Al-Jazeera and other 
networks. His essays are published regularly on CounterPunch and 
elsewhere, and the 200+ songs he makes available for free on the web 
have been downloaded more than a million times. Most importantly, he’s 
really good. He will make you laugh, he will make you cry, he will make 
the revolution irresistible.

Join David Rovics in concert at CCB on Friday,  March 11th at 8pm and 
March 13th at 11am.
Purchase your tickets here:
January 2016 Board of Directors Minutes
     Program Committee: Homer Franck is the new facilitator for the 
Program Committee. A list of program speakers through the end of April 
was read.
Search Committee: An application has been submitted to the Unitarian 
Universalist Association (UUA) and confirmed regarding a development 
minster (someone to look at specific issues or problems as a way for the 
Church to develop and grow), and for a contract minister (someone that 
comes with specific goals).
     Financial Concerns: The Congregational Fiscal meeting is scheduled 
for Sunday, February 21, 2016 at 1:30 p.m. The Balance Sheet and Project 
Loss Statements will be discussed in detail. The 2016 budget needs to be 
revised. Health insurance for employees who work more than twenty (20) 
hours weekly and for a minister who is scheduled to begin working in 
August will also be taken up.
     Various Concerns: The board approved a letter presented by member 
Virginia Pratt to Senators Warren and Markey stating opposition to raids 
conducted on immigrants by U.S. authorities. Approximately seventy (70) 
organizations and many individuals have signed on to the letter 
demanding an end to this action. It should be noted that over two 
million undocumented persons have been deported by the Obama administration.
Dick Keshishian, Clerk
2014 Sacco/Vanzetti Award recipient, Peter Van Buren spent a year in 
Iraq as a State Department Foreign Service Officer serving as Team 
Leader for two Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs). Now in 
Washington, he writes about Iraq and the Middle East at his blog, “We 
Meant Well.” His new book is “We Meant Well: How I Helped Lose the 
Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People” (The American 
Empire Project, Metropolitan Books). You can find Van Buren’s latest 
article entitled “You Won’t Like It, But Here’s the Answer to ISIS: 
Giving advice to a presidential candidate who wants to ‘Do something’” 
on the Common Dreams website click here.

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