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Spring 2016

Spring has sprung - and appropriately we have some very seasonal and pertinent topics
for you to contemplate in our upcoming Forums.  We are still pursuing our 2016 theme
of Deep Globalization.
First off, let me thank all of you who attended our "Rotten Reportage" evening on
March 9th during which our media experts strove to evaluate both the current state
of the U.S. media and its coverage of pre-election issues and candidates. Our thanks
to Lonnie Isabel, Peter S Goodman and Sam Fleming for taking part!  The discussion
left us with one clear message; the onus is on each of us to question the veracity
of our public information sources.
Yes - it is also tax season, so this serves as a great reminder.  I am sorry to 
report that our fundraising efforts have fallen short of the mark this year.  I 
know that you appreciate our programs because you tell me so. But if you have not
contributed to our coffers, please step up to the plate.  Maybe you forgot or maybe
you were relying on someone else to do the job for you.  Sadly, no one can, as we
are reliant on each and every donation.  So please act now, mail your check or if
you prefer, contribute via the paypal link at the bottom of this page.  And as always
thanks for your unswerving support!
Remember you can stay connected between newsletters, by checking our website for
 the latest CF news.
Green Greetings!
Mary Stack

Wednesday March 30 @ 7 PM
Climate change has forced us to rethink our options about many things, including
 how and where we grow our food.  Does it make any sense to transport water-rich
 produce thousands of miles, often from the drought-stricken Central Valley of California,
to satisfy our indulgent dining tastes?   Is there not a better way to produce and
harvest fresh produce more locally?
James Miner, principal of urban design and planning at Sasaki Associates in Watertown,
has focused much of his practice on creating more sustainable communities for future
generations. Miner lectures and writes extensively on the various ways in which 
local food can be used to promote economic development and other advantages.
Miner's portfolio of work spans across all scales and includes urban infill projects,
new communities, strategic land development, and regional planning. He recently 
received national recognition from the American Planning Association with the David
Burnham Award, its highest honor. Miner holds a Master of Urban Planning from Harvard
University and a B.S. in Art and Design from MIT.
Joining the Cambridge Forum discussion will be Jessie Banhazl, founder and CEO of
Green City
Growers, who over  the past seven years has proven that sustainable agriculture 
can be both healthy and profitable. Last year, she planted a barren rooftop at Fenway
Park and it yielded 5,000 pounds of produce for urban farmers. By growing fresh 
food in the most unlikely places, Jessie is helping change people's perception of
what is possible by launching her own rooftop farming revolution.
Green City Growers transforms unused space into thriving urban farms, providing 
customers with immediate access to nutritious food, while
revitalizing city landscapes and inspiring self-sufficiency.To date, Green City 
Growers has grown over 150,000 pounds of organic produce, and worked
hands-on with more than 6,000 individuals, all in under two acres of growing space.
Please join us for a free, informative discussion at Cambridge Forum, on March 30,
7 PM at First Parish Church, 1446 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge 02138. All are

ROTTEN REPORTAGE - do we have the media we deserve?

March 9 ROTTEN REPORTAGE - Do We Have the Media We Deserve?

The bulk of mainstream media in the U.S. is now owned by a handful of corporations
that continue to gobble up smaller outlets and independent presses. Some say that
we have created a perfect echo chamber and that the plurality of a free press is
 just a sad joke. Turning on the TV or scrolling through the headlines offers only
the illusion of choice.
So is the media monopoly almost complete? Is there any cause for optimism in the
 new journalistic market place?   In the wake of Super Tuesday, and in reviewing
 the pre-election coverage, has the national press corps revealed its true colors?
Cambridge Forum has invited a panel of journalists and experts drawn from the Internet,
academia, and NPR to discuss the state of journalism in America today.COME JOIN 
THE DISCUSSION on March 9 at 7:00pm, 3 Church Street in Cambridge.
Our speakers include Lonnie Isabel.  Isabel teaches at the Columbia Graduate School
of Journalism. Isabel spent 25 years in the newspaper business, covering or directing
the coverage of several presidential campaigns including the fabled 2000 election.
He also ran the coverage of Hillary Clinton's run for Senate, the impeachment of
 Bill Clinton, and just about every major national and international story of his
Isabel has worked for Newsday, the Boston Globe, Boston Herald and Oakland Tribune.
After leaving Newsday as deputy managing editor in 2005, Isabel joined the newly-created
CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, where he started the International Reporting
 Program that has trained more than 75 journalists to cover international issues,
and the International Journalist-in-Residence program that brings an endangered,
 targeted or threatened journalist each year to study and work at the school. He
 began teaching at Columbia last year and is co-author of a new book that will be
released this summer, "Think/Point/Shoot: Media Ethics, Technology and Global Change".
Peter S. Goodman is the Global Editor-In-Chief of the International Business Times,
where he supervises more than 200 journalists across worldwide editions. He was 
previously the Executive Business and Global News Editor for the Huffington Post,
where he oversaw business, technology and international reporting while writing 
a column that earned a Loeb award for commentary. Goodman was the National Economic
Correspondent for the New York Times during the Great Recession. There, he played
a central role in "The Reckoning," a series of stories on the roots of the 2008 
financial crisis, which won a Loeb and was a finalist for the Pulitzer prize.  Goodman
is the author of "Past Due: The End of Easy Money and the Renewal of the American
Sam Fleming is Director of News and Programming at WBUR. He is responsible for supervising
a staff of 75, including news managers, producers, reporters, writers, editors, 
hosts and production staff.   Under his direction, WBUR's News Department has garnered
more than 50 national and local awards recognizing the quality and depth of its 
news coverage. Fleming first worked at the station in 1981 as a general assignment
reporter. In 1992, he became WBUR's News Director, a position he held until 2004.
In that role he oversaw the daily workings of news production at WBUR and helped
 to manage the content of daily broadcasts in all their diverse forms.

After the Paris terrorist attacks, many feel that the world has entered a new and
terrible "reign of terror". We start our new Deep Globalization series by considering
the challenge of balancing security concerns with protecting our privacy. Can we
 track down terrorists who use encryption to communicate & coordinate attacks, while
simultaneously safeguarding our own personal data?
Greg Nojeim directs the Freedom, Security, and Technology Project at the Center 
for Democracy & Technology in Washington.  The project is dedicated to keeping the
Internet free and open and protecting privacy in the digital age against surveillance
and government intrusion.
Daniel 'DJ' Rosenthal recently left the White House where he served as Director 
for Counterterrorism on the National Security Council. While at the NSC, he advised
President Obama and senior Administration officials on a wide range of matters including
emerging cyber threats and the expanded use of new encryption technologies. Rosenthal
also teaches "National Security Dilemmas" at the University of Maryland.
This event will take place at 7 PM in the Parlor at 3 Church Street in Cambridge
 MA 02138.
Click here to watch presentation [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001_xCmFH6jPN1l8nu3_RssYxspQz0ujfgf1z94G24Eu6hqLeU7dwkDr5ObGcNg_m18nGktLeXP2vprNNol9T4rhEdTrVYXQkRoTj1QMYqT0XZvcOCzt696pQ0MAzojTMHdwli1_Ag_dQ3KITwKXM7_6QhaB5Wx0SMxwilG0cU4LBM3UmmNJlFmSmjlSq6IuLdkOC7hNDMdzEzJ1tfEm_hWbz3VabHQqMiW7Ra_ddwl_7LULSMNskadW6Sn2rMOU9nF&c=PCZqULc-6uUsPlBVDMMyZ69bd3QPgxpjuCuQ-6PbWqSzUY9ZW92o0A==&ch=xw59zM0_oEU_JeKNrYU7TeGK9rR7ePQT6dXQftUrSwUTcQ7CeQr3Yw==].

February 3 @7 pm
Most  conversations today involve distracted people looking at their phones  and
 not their partners. This, according to Sherry Turkle, is leading to a  "crisis 
of empathy" at work, at home and in our public life. Turkle is  Professor of the
 Social Studies of Science and Technology at MIT, and  spent four decades studying
the relationship between people and  technology. Her current research indicates 
that the decline in  thoughtful face-to-face dialogue constitutes an epidemic and
that in  moving from "conversation to mere connection", we are losing our  humanity.
If you would like to join Sherry Turkle for a real, live face-to-face, conversation
you are most welcome!
7:00 pm on February 3 at 1446 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge
Sherry  Turkle is Professor of the Social Studies of Science and Technology in  
the Program in Science, Technology, and Society at MIT and the director  of the 
MIT Initiative on Technology and Self.
Her newest book Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age (Penguin
 Press, October 2015), is a call to action. "It is not an  anti-technology book 
but a pro-conversation book!" according to Turkle,  which illustrates how fleeing
from conversation undermines our  relationships, creativity, and productivity.
Click here to watch the presentation. [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001_xCmFH6jPN1l8nu3_RssYxspQz0ujfgf1z94G24Eu6hqLeU7dwkDr5ObGcNg_m18PRP-nkzFe0qbd7Kc-PsjlLNSFbj-vXiNS2ZxI9HbgbKdE6YlX2UOrBVl16q-zyxNGR7lNMKYVEpAguB2aKjINDVj-a7gkqHMvebkSRgZWShhw4O28ij229lKshIrbY3ZwOnfcEJHy4A=&c=PCZqULc-6uUsPlBVDMMyZ69bd3QPgxpjuCuQ-6PbWqSzUY9ZW92o0A==&ch=xw59zM0_oEU_JeKNrYU7TeGK9rR7ePQT6dXQftUrSwUTcQ7CeQr3Yw==]


WGBH Forum Network archive
The Cuban Connection [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001_xCmFH6jPN1l8nu3_RssYxspQz0ujfgf1z94G24Eu6hqLeU7dwkDr2vxoJp__MssLKfMx6av-NXyuDu5l471VbaAzZIWzkexQzrwtM439sSrK9t5OqdYVzwY1bxUTARdVUoAaP4HFUXm4RZFfV5C-b-kq6OYOjXK7Qqt4EPw1hRXyLIS5hjI1KsuZHqIufBb&c=PCZqULc-6uUsPlBVDMMyZ69bd3QPgxpjuCuQ-6PbWqSzUY9ZW92o0A==&ch=xw59zM0_oEU_JeKNrYU7TeGK9rR7ePQT6dXQftUrSwUTcQ7CeQr3Yw==]
with poet
Richard Blanco, recorded at Cambridge Forum 12/16/2015 now available to watch here:
https://youtu.be/L0EcE_SMH4g [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001_xCmFH6jPN1l8nu3_RssYxspQz0ujfgf1z94G24Eu6hqLeU7dwkDr2vxoJp__MssULYeRyWe84isO27u9PdFVR5B61yb0eC9aU3c5vSiqKTaOBobt1OWC1mrosKySSs4bMMpfB2eRjYqStxD80pxdb3Wu5_zFQIvJXkInMnK91k-IJhNIKoSRg==&c=PCZqULc-6uUsPlBVDMMyZ69bd3QPgxpjuCuQ-6PbWqSzUY9ZW92o0A==&ch=xw59zM0_oEU_JeKNrYU7TeGK9rR7ePQT6dXQftUrSwUTcQ7CeQr3Yw==]
Also Wen Stephenson's program about Climate Justice  [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001_xCmFH6jPN1l8nu3_RssYxspQz0ujfgf1z94G24Eu6hqLeU7dwkDrw4LBaJi0_DAkErtabxQZKTH1bvVzWohTga53tuZO5pfGzg--bwoD5DwrJ9UGXhI0mF7bnMKg85xGyfvEF2SqHtmZLyNX0VWsw5boUCqGxG2Ox7-KytFuMOjP3scw0Kmspd_aEGoO40kk4c-9Vu87lKNgVTepWQ2isDYDd67OFk7uTpciEeoJ7_sTqfhGk7wWQ==&c=PCZqULc-6uUsPlBVDMMyZ69bd3QPgxpjuCuQ-6PbWqSzUY9ZW92o0A==&ch=xw59zM0_oEU_JeKNrYU7TeGK9rR7ePQT6dXQftUrSwUTcQ7CeQr3Yw==]is
now available to watch - share the link: https://youtu.be/aizCmlN8VU0 [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001_xCmFH6jPN1l8nu3_RssYxspQz0ujfgf1z94G24Eu6hqLeU7dwkDr2vxoJp__MssZKWUy_ei3IqV9z-YaGWzLY00qv0dyLqBRZ9uPn5D5Dtnwk0B2euhZvPtuWCThldgUWKfTb2ocM5FJfaE3Ycsc4bRQrdu2o7OgcthUdPz99goXyy3kQJ_9Q==&c=PCZqULc-6uUsPlBVDMMyZ69bd3QPgxpjuCuQ-6PbWqSzUY9ZW92o0A==&ch=xw59zM0_oEU_JeKNrYU7TeGK9rR7ePQT6dXQftUrSwUTcQ7CeQr3Yw==]

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