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*April Events*
Center for Marxist Education | 550 Mass Ave, Cambridge | 2nd Floor

*Help Us Reach Our Fundraising Goal!*
The Center needs you! We are facing a rent hike and are asking our comrades
and friends to help keep our space open and growing. We hope you will
considering contributing what you can to our campaign here: Help The Center
For Marxist Education

*Event Schedule:*

*Red History Lecture Series*
*The Final Aim is Nothing: The Politics of Revisionism and Anti-revisionism*
Saturday, April 2nd - 3-5pm
Communist historian Doug Enaa Greene will lecture on the revisionist
controversy within the German Social Democratic Party. Revisionists claim
to update Marxism, but in reality renounce all pretense to revolutionary
ends. Yet claims of Marxist orthodoxy have often been inadequte in
challenging revisionism. Rather, true anti-revisonism is a revolutionary
rupture with previous forms of orthodox and reformism. The effects of the
revisionist controversy has rippled through Marxist movements since that

*Elections 2016: An Open Round-Table at the Center for Marxist Education*
Saturday, April 2nd - 5-7pm
What global and domestic changes lie behindthe rise of Bernie Sanders and
Donald Trump? What impact will their candidacies have on the Democratic and
Republican Parties? Can the ruling class live with a Sanders or Trump
administration? What strategies and tactics can best serve the interests of
labor and oppressed?
Join the first CME round-table on the elections. Prepare an opening
statement if you wish, add comments and questions, or just take it all in.

*Committee for International Labor Defense*
*Scottsboro Boys, Sharecroppers Union, and International Labor Defense in
the 1930's*
Wednesday, April 13th - 7:00pm
The Committee for International Labor Defense meets the 2nd Wednesday of
every month.
The business meetings, which you are welcome to attend, are at 6:30 pm. The
educational presentations are at 7 pm.
The educational will be on "The Scottsboro Boys, Sharecroppers Union, and
International Labor Defense in the 1930's".
Suggested reading for the discussion is Hammer and Hoe: Alabama Communists
during the Great Depression by Robin D. G. Kelley

*China Discussion Group*
*Super Skyscrapers :The Vertical City Shanghai*
Thursday, April 14th - 7:00pm
Tower isn’t just a skyscraper — it’s a vertical city, a collection of
businesses, services and hotels all in one place, fitting a population the
size of Monaco into a footprint the size of a football field. Within its
walls, residents can literally work, rest, play and relax in public parks,
looking up through 12 stories of clear space. Not just one, however, but
eight of them, stacked on top of each other, all the way to the 120th
floor. When complete, the structure will dominate Shanghai’s skyline,
towering over its neighbors as a testament to China’s economic success and
the ambitions of the city’s wealthy elite. English, 60 minutes. 2014.
This film showing is part of the ongoing China Discussion Group. This
monthly series tackles tough questions about China today. No previous
attendance required.

*The 1916 Easter Uprising in Ireland - 100th Anniversary*
*An Address by Kevin Coleman Joyce and Sandy Eaton R.N.*
Saturday, April 16th - 3-5pm
In honor of the 100th Anniversary, Kevin and Sandy will discuss the events
of Easter Week, April 1916. Who the major figures were and how they came
together? What their goals were? What lead to the Uprising at that
particular time? Why the Uprising happened when it did-What the goals of
these revolutionaries were: Marxists, socialists, radical Catholics, poets,
and Gaelic speakers? The aftermath of the Uprising, short term and long
term. The hidden, supressed role of women and Cumann na mBan. The betrayal
of women by the Free State Government and DeValara's Irish Republic. The
betrayal of the egalitarian and progressive goals of the Men of 1916 by the
Free State and the Republic of Ireland Governments.

*Sunday Film Night*
*In Search of History: True Story of the Molly Maguires*
Sunday, April 17th - 6:00pm
An emotional debate still rages over the guilt or innocence of the "Molly
Maguires," 30 Irish immigrants executed in Pennsylvania’s coal-mining
country during the 1870s. Their crime: the murder of 16 men, mainly mine
officials. Were the "Mollies" bloodthirsty gangsters or the innocent
victims of spies, detectives and railroad barons? One thing is sure: Along
with those men died a shadowy movement born in Ireland in the early 1800s
to earn justice for poor tenant farmers, which resurfaced after the mass
Irish immigration to America in the face of oppressive labor conditions.
When labor disputes between owners and workers escalated to violence, a
series of murders was said to be perpetrated by the secret society known as
the Molly Maguires. The media fanned the flames of hostility against the
Irish Catholic miners, and the legal system was manipulated to favor the
corporate interests of the railroad magnates. This program investigates
what happened and visits with the still-passionate descendants of the Molly
Maguires. English, 50 minutes.

*The Black Christian Communist in AmericaBy Edward Carson*
Sunday, April 24th - 3-4pm
The now defunct Knights of Labor’s Constitution opened with a biblical
verse from Genesis 3:19, “By the sweat of thy brow thou shalt eat bread.”
The workers believed Jesus Christ’s teachings promoted a central socialist
narrative of love and sacrifice for all people – not one against socialism,
the poor, and marginalized, which has long been a construct of American
Calvinists, who purported that Christ and his teachings were capitalist.
The historical transformation of Christ, as a blond haired blue-eyed
capitalist, will be juxtaposed to a darker skinned Christ, who was a
socialist and thus marched with the poor, with sinners, and communists.
This engaging discussion addresses the relationship of the American church
and religion, its members, and the importance of race and socialism in
societal inequalities dating back to the black power movement of the 1960s
to #blacklivesmatter in the21st century.

*Monthly Marxism Class*
*Lenin's "Left-Wing" Communism, An Infantile Disorder*
Thursday, April 21st 7-8:30pm
Please join with members of the Communist Party of Greater Boston for a
presentation and discussion of Lenin's "Left-Wing" Communism, An Infantile
Disorder. A Popular Essay In Marxist Strategy and Tactics.
A brief presentation will cover the ideas in the book, provide history and
context, and relate Lenin's ideas to current struggles.
All are welcome to attend and participate in the discussion.

*Center for Marxist Education Hours*
In addition to our event times we are open the following evenings:
Monday – 4-8
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Thursday – 5-8
Check our Facebook page <http://facebook.com/CenterForMarxistEducation> to
see which other days we will be open
The Center has been made possible for over 4 decades by volunteer time and
contributions from you. If you wish to help us keep the Center going and
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