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*May Events*
Center for Marxist Education | 550 Mass Ave, Cambridge | 2nd Floor

*Half Way There! Help Us Reach Our Goal!*
The Center needs you! We are facing a rent hike and are asking our comrades
and friends to help keep our space open and growing. We hope you will
considering contributing what you can to our campaign here: Help The Center
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*Event Schedule:*

*Red History Lecture Series*
*The Rise of Marxism in France*
Saturday, May 7th 3-5pm
Communist historian Doug Enaa Greene will lecture on the rise of the French
Workers' Party, which became the dominant tendency on the French left. The
early French Marxists were successfully able to adapt to the new era of
mass politics, while other socialist groups remained tied to a superseded
mode of politics. Despite their limitations and drawbacks, the French
Workers' Party were pioneers, walking on explored terrain, who popularized
socialism for hundreds of thousands of workers as an alternative society
that would end capitalist exploitation and oppression.

*Committee for International Labor Defense*
*Chelsea Manning Update*
Wednesday, May 11th - 6:30pm
Business Meeting (all are invited) 6:30-7:00
Educational 7:00-8:00 - Update and Discussion on heroic Wiki-leak
whistle-blower and political prisoner Chelsea Manning’s case as the sixth
anniversary of her incarceration approaches. Speaker Al Johnson, Chelsea
Manning Support Network - with contributions by Susan McLucas
Chelsea Manning Solidarity Rally-Saturday May 21st – Park Street Station -

*China Discussion Group*
*China's Cultural Revolution: A 50-year Reassessment*
Monday, May 16th - 7:00pm
On May 16, 1966 Chairman Mao launched the Cultural Revolution and the Red
Guards responded with a mass movement to fight for the revolution. The
Cultural Revolution was first hailed as a high point of Marxism-Leninism,
then criticized as a disaster. Today in China on the 50th anniversary it is
under discussion for a more balanced evaluation.

The presentation will suggest the both positive and negative elements
including the impact of the arrest of the Gang of Four in 1976 on the new
communist movement in the US and will include:
- Archive video on the movement in Guangdong Province (12 min)
- Richard Pendleton will describe his experiences as one of the first
Americans visiting China in 1971 during the cultural revolution
- China Discussion coordinator Duncan McFarland will present his reflections

*Monthly Marxism Class*
*Socialism: Utopian and Scientific by Frederick Engels*
Thursday, May 19th - 7-8:30pm
Please join with members of the Communist Party of Greater Boston for a
presentation and discussion of Engles's Socialism: Utopian and Scientific.
All are welcome to attend and participate in the discussion.

*Sunday Film Night*
*Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution*
Sunday, May 22nd - 6:00pm
More than 40 years after the Black Panther Party was founded the group and
its leadership remain powerful and enduring images in our popular
imagination. This will weave together the voices of those who lived this
story - police informants, journalists, white supporters, and detractors
those who remained loyal to the party and those who left it. 2016. 120

*Africa and China - Myths and Realities*
Thursday, May 26th - 7:00pm
The Chinese -African politicio-economic connection is one of basic
exchange...of badly needed resources by the Chinese, and badly needed
infrastructure by the African nations, 44 of which have international
relations of varying quality. Gary Hicks, a long-time China-watcher, will
briefly discuss these matters in outline, and from a Marxist viewpoint. We
will then have discourse, discussion, and (civil!) debate.
For over a decade, from the late 1990s to early 2009, Gary Hicks and Albert
Sargis (and after 2004, Duncan McFarland) conducted biweekly discussions at
the CME focusing on current events and issues concerning China and Vietnam.
These activities were supplemented at strategic moments by contributions
from Wahd'i Halabi, as well as scholars and officials from People's
Republic of China.

*Center for Marxist Education Hours*
In addition to our event times we are open the following evenings:
Monday – 4-8
Tuesday – 4-8
Wednesday – 4-8
Thursday – 5-8
Check our Facebook page <http://facebook.com/CenterForMarxistEducation> to
see which other days we will be open
The Center has been made possible for over 4 decades by volunteer time and
contributions from you. If you wish to help us keep the Center going and
new books coming in, donations can be made by sending a check made out to:
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