[act-ma] Mon. May 23. Working Class Resistance in the Age of Globalization

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Mon May 16 07:33:23 PDT 2016

The Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia


New Forms and Strategies of Working Class Resistance in the Age of

A talk by

*Abhinav Sinha*
Labor activist, New Delhi, India

Monday, May 23 | 7 pm | at Encuentro 5 (9A Hamilton Place, near Park St T

Working class movements around the world are facing a crisis today. Right
since the fall of socialist states in the second half of the 20th century
and especially since the 1970s, the power of capital has dominated
the power of labor. In this era, world capital has devised new ways to
disorganize the working class through important changes in its modus
operandi. These changes include the decline of Fordism, deregulation of
labor markets as well as finance, casualization and contractualization of
workers, etc. Due to these changes, old forms of working class resistance
and organization are becoming less effective. The emergence of global
assembly line as fragmentation of the conventional assembly line have
disorganized the workers as far as the workplace is concerned. In this
changed scenario, it has become imperative for the working class and its
political leadership to devise new forms and strategies of working class
resistance and organization. What can be these forms? What should be the
new strategy? The speaker will talk about these questions with special
reference to the working class movements and capitalism in India.


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