[act-ma] Crypto Party 5/25 @ Parts and Crafts in Somerville

H paper_waves at riseup.net
Mon May 23 20:52:29 PDT 2016

Wednesday May 25th, 6-9pm @ Parts and Crafts in Somerville (577
Somerville Ave).
Wheelchair accessible. Free

Come join our monthly "CRYPTO PARTY" event where we learn about
encryption tools and how we can protect our privacy against the
surveillance state.
It's not really a "party", more like a potluck where we hang out with
computers and try to get rid of the fear that the panopticon wants us to
live under. Bring your questions, your laptops, phones and devices and
together we will help set you up with various tools to encrypt your
communication an be anonymous on the internet.
Topics we can cover: PGP email encryption, Tor browser, Tails, secure
text messaging/ chats/ video calls, key signing, mesh networking, how to
install linux onto your computer... and more!

Around 6:30 we will start introductions, where everyone can say what
they're interested in learning /what they're available to teach / what
topics you want to discuss. Then we'll break into groups depending on
what people want to do.
Bring snacks! Bring yourself + a friend and all those questions about
"what do I download?" and "what's a public key?" We are here for you.
Join us, learn stuff, and then the next time, you can be a "crypto
angel" by teaching a new person something too!

No manspaining // trans* friendly // safer space

MORE INFO: cryptoparty.in/boston

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