[act-ma] Friday, June 24: 9/11 And Our Political Crisis - Ending the Twin Deceptions of 9//1 and War on Terror ~w/Christopher Bollyn in Cambridge

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Thu Jun 16 11:40:01 PDT 2016

[film nite tonight, 6/16; this is an added special event for next week]

[Chris also presenting in Greenfield on Tues, June 21 

*Folks please forward widely;*
Be sure to invite your friends and neighbors - this is the last chance 
in MA to catch Christopher Bollyn on his national tour

  * Flyer is available for** download at Rule19, in color
    <http://rule19.org/films-2016/2016-jun24-bollyn.pdf> and black&white
  * RSVP/direct your friends to facebook event page

7pm; doors open 6:30
Friday, June 24
243 Broadway, Cambridge
corner of Broadway & Windsor St

*Presentation and Discussion, *
with Christopher Bollyn, independent investigator and author of *Solving 
9/11: The Deception that Changed the World* 

    9/11 and Our Political Crisis

Christopher Bollyn's national summer tour could also be called /*"9/11 
And Our Political Crisis - Ending the Twin Deceptions of 9/11 and the 
Fraudulent War on Terror"
He will be making it crystal clear that 9/11 and the fraudulent 'War on 
Terror' are a dual deception imposed on our nation by the 
Israeli/Zionist cabal that controls our government and media.

  * Our nation has suffered under this deception for nearly 15 years.
    It's time for us to raise our voices. If we the people don't demand
    an end to this nation-destroying fraud, no one will.

  * It is essential to understand that the Israeli war agenda is the
    real reason why 9/11 was carried out. The cabal of zionists involved
    in the 9/11 conspiracy includes Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin
    Netanyahu, and several other Israelis and zionists within the US

  * Support Christopher Bollyn's tour and his efforts to expose the
    biggest deception of our time.  Donate at bollyn.com, or via PayPal
    to bollyn at bollynbooks.com.

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