[act-ma] Thurs 10/6 6p conversation with Avi Chomsky on The Good Life + check-in post-10/2 plebiscite for peace in Colombia

Bill Spirito (BASE) spirito at spanishclassesboston.com
Tue Sep 27 08:10:59 PDT 2016

/The Good Life/is a documentary film selected in 2016 edition of the 
Boston Latino International Film Festival, BLIFF 
and it is about Tamaquito, a Wayuu community displaced by coal mining in 
La Guajira, Colombia.

Years ago you may have heard directly from the then Governor of 
Tamaquito, Jairo Fuentes Epiayú while he was in Boston creating 
awareness of what our demand for coal was doing to his people and land.

Please see the below synopsis (and see the trailer here 

The documentary will be screened at Harvard on Thursday 9/29 at 5:45p in 
Tsai Auditorium at 1730 Cambridge Street, and the cost of admission is 

There will also be a free screening on Sat. 10/1 at 4:15pm at 
Northeastern in West Village F Room # 20, 40 Leon St., Boston. 
  Following this screening there will be a Q&A with Professor Avi 
Chomsky, History and Latin American Studies Professor at Salem State 
University, and expert on communities displaced by mining in La Guajira.

The village of Tamaquito lies in the forests of Colombia. Here, nature 
provides the people with everything they need. But the Wayúu community’s 
way of life is being destroyed by the vast and rapidly growing El 
Cerrejón coal mine. Determined to save his community from forced 
resettlement, young and charismatic leader Jairo Fuentes sets out to 
negotiate with the mine’s operators. They’re backed by powerful global 
resources companies such as Glencore, Anglo American and BHP Billiton 
and communicating with their representatives isn’t easy. The villagers 
are promised the blessings of progress, but the Wayúu place no value on 
modern, electrified houses – on the so-called “better life.” Instead, 
they embark on a fight to save their life in the forest, which soon 
becomes a fight to survive. “La Buena Vida” (The Good Life) is the story 
of the Wayúu community, set against a global backdrop of rising energy 
consumption being driven by the pursuit of growth and affluence.

At both events Wayuu shoulder bags (such as the one in the photo below) 
will be on sale, and 100% of the proceeds will go to the displaced 
communities.  They can be purchased on line here 
  They cost $25 (for small ones) and $50 (for large ones).

mochila blanca

The week following the screenings on Thursday 10/6 at 6p there will be a 
discussion with the Professor Chomsky following up on the film as well 
as on the 10/2 plebiscite for the peace accords just signed in Colombia. 
  This will be held at CIC on the 16th floor at 50 Milk St. in Downtown 
Boston in the room Edison (passing through the reception area).  You'll 
need to present a photo id at the security desk.

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