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Mon Oct 31 17:00:19 PDT 2016

This Friday 11/4, starting at 9 pm, members of the Museum Independent
Security Union (MISU) <https://www.facebook.com/MISUfight/> and their
allies will picket <https://www.facebook.com/events/967814893328336/> the
Museum of Fine Arts, 465 Huntington Ave, Boston (Green Line E train to the
Museum of Fine Arts stop, or the Orange Line train to the Ruggles stop).
We'll gather outside the Linde Wing entrance (by the parking lot). The
picket will continue until 11 pm.  Please join us!

*Background*: The MFA has been deliberately under-staffing galleries for
years. Since 2013, the MISU has lost about half its membership due to a
hiring freeze and outsourcing by the elite museum. The MISU organizes the
most diverse group of workers in the museum, including many immigrants and
POC. The MFA recently unilaterally terminated the union's contract while
negotiations were still taking place. Security guards' pay starts at just
$15.41/hr and no guard makes even $20/hr. Now, in a blatant and despicable
effort to bust the workers' union, management has slammed activists with
retaliatory final written warnings on flimsy pretexts.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. WORKERS UNITE!  MISU supporters are organizing a boycott
of the museum which will end only when the workers get justice.

An online petition supporting the MFA workers is here

Please follow us on twitter to help spread the word about the boycott:
https://twitter.com/mfaboycott <https://twitter.com/mfaboycott>

For updates on the struggle you may check this website

*Please forward this message as widely as possible.*

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